Travel Advisors Selling the Caribbean (TASC) Supports Caribbean Chefs

Travel e-Book Features Caribbean Culinary Tour to Create Delicious Memories for the Holidays  #SupportCaribbeanChefs

[ATLANTA] – Travel Advisors Selling the Caribbean (TASC) will help bring the Caribbean spirit to this year’s holiday celebrations, with a virtual culinary tour throughout the Caribbean to savor the flavors of the islands.

The 12 Days of Caribbean Cooking Festival will be staged during the period November 29 – December 11, 2020. It will feature popular Caribbean chefs, bakers and culinary artisans who will showcase the food, rums, desserts and diverse culinary traditions of the region.

With travel restrictions still in place in many tourism-dependent Caribbean destinations, chefs and restaurants continue to struggle for their very survival.  Many remain upbeat during the pandemic by applying their creativity in various initiatives to support their families and communities.

TASC is committed to supporting Caribbean chefs, regardless of where they conduct business, whether on the islands or in the Diaspora. “If you ask visitors what makes the Caribbean so unique, our cuisine would be at the top of any list. Caribbean chefs play an important role in promoting the culture and spirit of the region and they need our support.  For some visitors, dining and entertainment experiences are as important to Caribbean hospitality, as the sun, sea and sand. We believe that interactive cooking experiences led by expert chefs, can be a powerful way to keep people connected to life in the Caribbean, during the festive season,” said Kelly Fonetnelle, TASC Founder.

The 12 Days of Caribbean Cooking Festival will allow these culinary ambassadors to continue to share their passion for cooking and people, from the safety of their work or home kitchens.

The announcement of this initiative has been met with excitement and has stimulated significant peer networking among these Caribbean 27 chefs who hail from 17 different destinations. They will share heirloom recipes and anecdotes about their heritage and culinary traditions.  Each recipe will feature local rum as one of the ingredients.

Connecting via ZOOM, each day, two chefs will prepare a feast of Caribbean-inspired dishes from the destination that they represent. They will demonstrate simple steps in making mouth watering dishes in 30 minutes of cooking time.

The chefs will also demonstrate the proper use of kitchen tools, plating techniques, essential tips, as well as some of the best-kept secrets about the preparation of traditional Caribbean cuisine.

Guests will have an opportunity to pose questions during an interactive Q & A session directly after the cooking demonstration. The cooking sessions will be moderated by Caribbean personalities who will guide the presentation as chefs provide inspiration, share family traditions, as well as insights about their style of cooking.

Recipes from the virtual cooking festival will be featured in an e-book “Support Caribbean Chefs” which will be a celebration of the cultural history of the Caribbean. It will be used to promote the flair and creativity of Caribbean chefs and some of destinations that offer the most decadent dining experiences year round.

“This initiative is designed to spotlight the culinary product of the Caribbean at a time when many destinations are trying to rebuild their tourism business.  These dynamic, award-winning chefs have been appointed as TASC Culinary Ambassadors and are extremely excited about the opportunity to share some Caribbean cheer, at a time when many will be forced to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year virtually,” said Derede Whitlock, TASC Senior Administrator.

As part of its mission, TASC utilizes modern communication technology to educate travel advisors, who have become some of the Caribbean’s biggest brand ambassadors, particularly during the global pandemic.

“We hope that this event will provide new ideas to our valued travel advisors as they curate exciting itineraries for their clients, which we hope will motivate them to visit the Caribbean.  COVID-19 has caused significant hardship for our Caribbean chefs, who rely on sharing their passion and expertise to make a living. With people largely restricted to their homes and unable to travel, this initiative provides a way for travel advisors to connect with our chefs on a personal level, while creating delicious memories at home,” Whitlock added.




























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