Top E-Commerce trends to be followed

e-commerce trends

The world has completely changed since modernization brought revolutionary technology to the corporate world. Technology brought convenience, comfort, and quality to the business by improving the methods, mechanisms, and systems that governed a business.

E-commerce has taken a new shape under the reign of technological modernization. E-commerce businesses have now become a “thing”.

Everybody now aspires to create a successful online store that makes the sales with the help of smart marketing strategies without the necessity of creating a physical store. Physical stores now cost much more than an online store.

The old marketing strategies were even more costly than one can think. Starting from trading and bartering, the invention of the concept of currency completely changed the method of shopping. Then came the turn of the internet and online shopping that entirely revolutionized the lives of producers and consumers of this phenomenon. Speaking of which, let’s talk about some e-commerce trends that we think have been topnotch the current year and would be for the years to come.

Following is the list of e-commerce trends as a suggestion for you to follow:

  1. Virtual Reality vs. Augmented Reality 

Augmented reality is the technology that superimposes a computer-generated image in front of the viewer as a composite view. This has a lot to do with online marketing that improves customer’s experience in the purchasing of a service. A study explained how people in the future would more likely shop through augmented reality since it gives people a better understanding of the things that would fit well in their space. It could be related to clothes, furniture – anything they want to buy for themselves. IKEA’s Place app has this feature to allow a user to place furniture inside four walls, any corner he likes to fill with furniture. On the other hand, virtual reality is a computer-generated “simulation” of three-dimensional view. A human can fully go into the room of virtual reality, pretending illusively of being a part of it. Virtual reality makes a person be a part of a realistic setting which in reality is only a simulation, and in return offers him a completely different view that is not there. Through this technology, people can do a lot. They can literally travel to a different country, a far off place they have never seen before. They can also visit those areas of the world that are under-developed, war-stricken, or in a poor situation so to help them in combating their issues. While it is a revolutionary technology in a number of ways, it is also a great way to promote e-commerce for the coming generations.

  1. Advanced Product Filtering 

Whenever you sit to shop for something for yourself, do you find exactly what you need and where you need it from? You would have to spend hours to find that one thing you think is the right thing for you. More often than not, we are short of time and we cannot spend hours searching for our desired product. Having stated that, there is a dire need for software that filters products according to your needs, which is exactly what Advanced Product Filtering does. It filters the products according to size, color, material, price, objects, etc. so that you get the rudimentary options that fit your needs and saves your time. If you haven’t heard of the Australian website “The Iconic”, then you should know how smartly it provides a wide range of filters that avoids the loss of time in going through tons of filtered options.

  1. Automation

There are many benefits to installing automation to your business because automation helps a lot in cutting down work, cost, and errors from your work. E-commerce has been benefiting a great deal from eCommerce by streamlining a number of fields like sales, marketing, production, management, or delivery services. It helps the companies to reduce labor work by the application of machines and technology. Not only is it safe, but it is also incredibly convenient to save time for the employees so that they can do some other tasks while the technology handles the rest of the work. The chances of errors could also be reduced with automation, which is why people interested in and working in e-commerce are making quite a lot in the field. All you need to make sure of is the fact that your internet is working fine for the proper functioning of your automated system. If you’re looking for a reliable ISP, do check out AT&T Internet, which may be bundled up with AT&T wireless to save some extra money.

  1. Chatbots

Another latest trend that people need to follow is the addition of chatbots to your website where the user can have their questions answered without having to search extensively for the required query. These chatbots are online robots always active to communicate with the visitor when they need help. Artificial intelligence has been strengthening this trend by developing an understanding of this system in order to encourage the use of chatbots with better efficacy. This is what the reports say. In near future, almost all the websites of brands would have the addition of this feature so that the visitors do not leave off the page without giving significant attention to the details of your site. H&M and Sephora have always been using this feature which is getting a lot of admiration from people.

  1. Better Delivery Options 

When we shop, sometimes we have to wait for months to get our item delivered to its destination. It is all just frustrating. Sometimes we need things urgently, sometimes it is okay to wait. But how convenient would it be if we could just have our object of desire delivered to our destination within days – in fact, within hours? With that being said, no one can deny how speed and efficiency are the key drivers for online shopping. This mode of purchasing not only saves time but also makes shopping easy and convenient. One does not have to go all the way to the stores to purchase anything. They can just sit home, turn on their computers or visit the online stores from their phones to find the item of their interest/need. Online retailers are now using drones to send off shopping materials to their destination. If you have seen “Dumbo”, the movie begins from the scene when the birds are flying the baby animals (newborns) to their mothers. In a like manner, drones like birds would do the same service.



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