Today: 100 Days Until Election Day

TAMPA – On Saturday, July 26th, an estimated 5,000 supporters joined together at more than 100 Campaign for Change organizational meetings across the state to learn how they fit into Democratic strategy to win in November.

“From Pensacola to Miami and Jacksonville to Homestead, we are working to harness an unparalleled energy and eagerness for change throughout Florida,” General Election Director for the Campaign for Change Jackie Lee said.

Floridians from cities, towns and neighborhoods from throughout the state met with campaign organizers, community leaders, and fellow Obama supporters in their area and learned about a crucial part of the campaign strategy – the new Florida Neighborhood Teams for Change program.

The program works to turn commitment to the Campaign for Change into action that will help Barack Obama win Florida. Teams are responsible for reaching out to friends, neighbors and undecided voters to spread the word about this movement.

“We’re capitalizing on a desire for a change in Washington by mobilizing neighbors to talk to their neighbors, whether they be Democrats, Republicans, Independents, or even first-time voters. We’re leaving no stone unturned,” Lee said.

The Campaign for Change is a project of the Florida Democratic Party, led by top staffers who will work to harness the enthusiasm of Obama’s grassroots-level supporters and organize them in communities across Florida – neighbor to neighbor, friend to friend and colleague to colleague – working for the benefit of Democratic candidates up and down the ticket.

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