Tips to Stay Healthy When Visiting Ethiopia

Tips to Stay Healthy When Visiting Ethiopia

Addis Ababa Ethiopia

Ethiopia welcomes tourists for its incredible history and rich culture. Unfortunately, tourists have to take special safety measures to prevent diseases. Other nations are susceptible to recurring outbreaks and illnesses in Ethiopia.

Health issues can be devastating for unsuspecting travelers. If you are planning a trip to this region, you have to prepare yourself before arriving. Remember, prevention is always better than treatment. Along with visa requirements, you have to pay attention to the vaccination. Check this link to get a visa visit Ethiopia.

Understand Biggest Issues

Lack of emergency health care and treatment facilities is the biggest concern in Ethiopia. You may not find sufficient health facilities in Addis Ababa. In this situation, you can’t assume to get excellent medical treatment.

Lack of supplies and equipment can surprise anyone. For this reason, prepare yourself for this situation before visiting Ethiopia. Moreover, you may not find adequate ambulances and helicopters. These services are expensive and unreliable.

Shame in Ethiopia

In numerous places in Africa, treatment for mentally ill people is non-existent. You can’t get medications and psychiatric services for mental issues. For this reason, you will find numerous people on the streets that need professional assistance. As a tourist, you can’t do anything but understand the situation.

Malaria Mayhem

Just like other African countries, malarial infection is high in Ethiopia. Before traveling into this location, get malaria medication or vaccination. Speak to your doctor for some best recommendations. You can’t avoid this infection while living in Africa; therefore, prepare yourself for this disease before landing in Ethiopia.

Take your pills and keep your body covered to avoid mosquito bites. Moreover, carry mosquito repellent or spray to prevent mosquitoes in your room each night. It will help you to enjoy a sound sleep without any fear of mosquito bites.

Altitude Problems

In mountainous country Ethiopia, you may face some health problems because of high altitude. Remember, altitude sickness can affect anyone, such as trained athletes. Fitness will say goodbye when you start climbing mountains.

Addis Ababa is at an 8,300 feet altitude; therefore, you can experience the problem in sleeping, headaches, nausea, fatigue, and shortness of breath. If you are suffering from heart conditions and respiratory problems, you should consult your doctor before starting your journey to Ethiopia.

Water Afflictions

After a scorching day, the water looks attractive, but don’t go near water. You must not swim in rivers, still water bodies or lakes. These may have dangerous parasites. Keep it in mind that Ethiopia has outbreaks of watery diarrhea.

Moreover, it is famous for bacterial diarrhea, typhoid, and cholera. These conditions are common in rural and urban settings. If you want to stay healthy, you should not jump into the water. Always drink filtered or boiled water to protect yourself from these diseases.

Unfortunately, HIV and Aids is a common issue in Ethiopia. This infection claims the lives of millions of people. For this reason, avoid needles and sex in Ethiopia. Protect your belongings from strangers, such as electronic equipment, expensive cameras, money, credit cards, etc.

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