Tips And Tricks On How To Create A Magical Weekend For Your Children

We all want to make enjoyable and magical memories with our children to cherish when they are older and not around us as much. As parents, you need to be that ‘magician’ in your family. Parents already have a lot on their plate, whether it is their job, housework, taking care of the children, and maintaining their well-being. So the best time to have some fun and do something unusual with your kids is on the weekends. Finding ideas to make these weekends magical can be quite hard, so here are some tips and tricks to create the perfect weekend for your children.

Tips And Tricks On How To Create A Magical Weekend For Your Children

1.   Be on Their Level

Your children are used to seeing you as a parent figure even if you are not that strict with them. Being on their level, something as simple as acting a little silly like them, can be unforgettable. Kids have an unlimited arsenal of imaginary games that they have created, so you can ask them to play some of those together. You can start with pretending games where you can pretend to be a doctor, singer, chef, or anything on your kids’ minds. You can have your own little concert or fashion show and try some weird outfits that will make for some unforgettable laughs.

2.   Take a Trip

A weekend is a perfect time to take some time away from your home and go on a short trip. There are many  destinations that you can go to and your kids will for sure love but a Walt Disney World vacation can make them lose their minds. First, you need to get your tickets and try to keep the whole idea a secret to get the full excitement when you will surprise them. Next, you need to book the hotel you will be staying in. You can choose one that

is not very fancy as you will spend most of your time outside and will only need it for some sleep at the end of the night. Then you will need to tell them about the trip for them to pack their luggage and get prepared. A nice thing to do is to tell them where you are going on your way, record their reactions on video as you will love to look at this moment later. Another thing to do when you arrive at your hotel is to get some rest and  plan your next day at Disney, so that you do not waste your  time thinking about what to do next. It is also important to start your day early in order to enjoy the whole day  and for that you must get  a good night’s sleep the night before.

While planning your trip to a theme park, like Walt Disney World, deciding how to purchase your tickets is crucial for budgeting. You might be tempted to buy them directly, but look into your DVC resale vs direct options to see which fits your family and budget best. A timeshare in the area is also a great option if you are constantly making trips to Orlando or plan on moving there eventually.

Tips And Tricks On How To Create A Magical Weekend For Your Children

3.   Get Messy

Getting a little messy every now and then will not hurt anyone. Kids love making a mess. Normally they would get shouted at, but this time, join them! Have a water fight in the backyard, especially if it is summer. Make sure you are never out of water so the fight does not end; always top up your water supply. Put your least favorite outfit on, so that if it got a little muddy you won’t ruin a good one. Split the family into teams and start the fight.

You can also have a baking competition where you divide the family into the “parents team” and the “kids team.” You will help the children get some steps done but we will not count that as cheating at all. For starters, grab the car keys and go grocery shopping to buy all the ingredients. Next, go home, set the timer, and start your own cooking competition. Whatever the outcome is, your kids will be the winners, regardless. Last but not least, clean up the mess together so they can learn teamwork.

Making your weekends with your kids magical can be a real game-changer. Other than creating a whole new family tradition, your kids will always remember how loved they are. Make it something that is both special and unique, and  that your family can share and do regularly. It doesn’t have to be complicated; you can make your weekends special with simple things. But, most importantly, the real prize is that the whole family is happy.




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