The Trending Wine Story – 5 reasons why Vegan Wine is trending in 2020

The Trending Wine Story - 5 reasons why Vegan Wine is trending in 2020

Raising a toast for our smallest success or celebrating togetherness in the relationship, reunion with family and friends, or spending some me-time, what could be more appropriate by observing this time with a glass of wine! Humanity and wine had a centuries-old relationship.

Be it your favorite dry red wine or Chardonnay; wine has always been marked as a symbol of a luxurious, elegant, and classy lifestyle. It is considered a purely vegetarian drink that is made up of fermented grapes, and people following most of the diet plans can occasionally consume it. But with the growing trend of veganism in the world, the purity of wine is skeptical.

5 reasons why Vegan Wine is trending in 2020Veganism and Natural Wine

Veganism contributes to 8% of the total population in the world by 2019, and statistically, it’s been growing at an acceptably rapid pace year on year. With more people opting for veganism, the million-dollar question arises- Is wine vegan?

Studies show that although wine is made up of fermented grapes, the fining process includes animal residue. Natural wine is cloudy in color. The clarity in wine comes when it is kept untouched for a longer time. But due to mass production and rapid consumption, the process of fining takes place to make wine more clear and bright in color in a short period of time.

This process includes certain animal proteins like albumin(egg), casein(milk), gelatin(animal) or isinglass(fish bladder), etc. even though, these fining agents do not pass through the final product but, yes for vegans the usage itself could be a problem.

5 reasons why Vegan Wine is trending in 2020Vegan Wine

So, is there any alternative to traditional wine available for vegans?

Thanks to the latest sensation, you can now taste Vegan Wine. According to ResearchGate, vegan wine is processed with plant-based proteins like patatin (potatoes), gluten, rice proteins or legumes proteins, etc. The manufacturers are now encouraging organic production as well as better promotion of vegan wines for the rising consumer demand all around the world.

5 reasons why Vegan Wine is trending in 2020
Five reasons for trending Vegan Wine

There are various health and environmental benefits of vegan wine. Here are the five reasons why vegan wine is trending in 2020 and how beneficial it is to us.

  1. The shift in focus– With an increase of almost 580% in the last five years(as shown by google search), the vegan community is growing strong. People are more focussed on their health and well-being, combating the environmental changes. There are constant demonstrations and awareness spread by organizations like PETA, which encourages people to opt for vegetarian and a vegan diet. Due to which manufacturers and producers are shifting their focus to produce products that are entirely free from animal derivatives and cater to the needs of vegan consumers.
  2. Lesser use of harmful chemicals– Studies indicate that traditional wines contain toxic chemicals. According to NCBI, in addition to antioxidants, wine may also contain pesticides, preservatives, trace metals, toxins, potential cancer-causing elements, and allergens. All these chemicals are highly reactive in the human body and cause dangerous effects with prolonged usage. The same study also shows that all organic white wines typically exclude the use of any chemicals. These wines have certificates of organic production and are safer for consumption.
  3. The goodness of antioxidants– Vegan wine is rich in antioxidants. A polyphenol called resveratrol is present in wine, which is known for its health benefits. If taken moderately, it fights inflammation, blood clotting, and lowers the risk of cancer. Also, vegan wine promotes good heart health, and it has better anti-aging properties. So, one can consume a vegan wine to have clear, youthful skin and a healthy heart.
  4. Better impact on the environment– The most significant advantage of consuming vegan wine is the positive impact it makes on the environment. Using preservatives and chemicals not only harm our health, but it produces greenhouse emissions. Not only this, using animal derivatives can cause a lot of harm to the environment. On the other hand, for organic cultivation and plant-based refining agents, there is no use of mineral fertilizers and any kind of animal derivatives, which leads to a better impact on the environment.
  5. It’s all about taste– When it comes to taste and flavors, vegan wine is the best. Not only are they harmless and free from chemicals, but they give a much fresher taste of wine. With their unique flavors, these wines can enhance the taste of food paired with the same.

So, with all the above benefits, Vegan Wine is becoming the latest trend in 2020. You can find vegan wine almost everywhere, but it is essential to go through the winemakers labeling in detail. This will give a better understanding of the organic properties of the wine. Also, it is crucial to look if the wine contains any authorized certificates for the same. This will ensure you get a product worth its value and benefits.

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