The Things We Do Every Day That Hurt The Environment

As inhabitants of this planet, we should all do our part in maintaining the cleanliness and sustainability of the world around us. Sadly, people are not very aware of how much damage their actions do to the environment, but the science behind it doesn’t lie – certain daily actions are doing a lot of damage to the world around us.

Here are some of the common daily actions that affect the environment negatively.

Charging Your Phone

Believe it or not, a simple act such as charging your phone already leaves carbon footprints. As per this infographic made by Compare The Market, the global output of CO2 from people charging their phones is 8 million tonnes annually. Of course, a lot of people should be taken aback by this.

The Things We Do Every Day That Hurt The Environment

There are many ways to prevent this problem, but one way we can all help is by simply not overcharging your phone. As much as possible, don’t leave it overnight to charge.

Not Disposing Trash Properly

This is a fairly common problem that a lot of people do. They just can’t seem to dispose of their trash properly. Even if there are visible garbage bins nearby, they leave their trash out in the open. While biodegradable trash usually poses no problem, it’s the plastics that leave a damaging impact on the environment. This problem persists when it comes to recycling. While many people try to recycle, it is often done incorrectly which causes more damage to the environment.

Excessive Use Of Plastic

On the topic of non-biodegradables, our reliance on plastic and plastic containers are also quite harmful to the environment. The good news is that more companies and manufacturers are shifting to paper bags and reusable containers, but truthfully, it’s not yet enough.

Try to make a significant change by using reusable containers at home. When going outside for shopping, bring your own eco-bag. It’s these simple steps that can help preserve the world.


Driving regular vehicles is said to be the leading source of CO2 emissions in the world. A typical passenger car emits around 4.6 metric tonnes of CO2 annually. Collectively, the amount of CO2 we emit annually is enough to leave a lasting impact on the environment.

If possible, you should consider walking or biking to your destination if it’s nearby. If you have the budget for it, though, we suggest getting an electric vehicle instead.

Not Turning Off The Faucet Immediately

We’ve grown so accustomed to using water that we tend to waste unnecessary amounts of it. Simple actions such as leaving the faucet unused for a few seconds or letting the shower run even when you don’t need it contributes greatly to the amount of water we waste annually.

Practice safe water consumption by being diligent when it comes to turning off the water source when you don’t need it. Again, small actions such as turning off the tap while shaving and brushing your teeth make a huge impact collectively.

It shouldn’t be surprising that we do so much damage to the environment. We must come and accept the fact that the world is at a turning point with which we can do irreparable damage. By controlling these actions we do, we can make the change a lot better.


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