The Role of South Africa in Black Panther


Black Panther is one of the biggest blockbuster movies of the Marvel cinematic universe. Reports say that half a million South African people have seen Black Panther in 10 days. It is one of the movies that has shown Africa in a positive way.

Though Africa has a lot of sides to it, most of the movies were concentrated on its poverty, war, corruption and so on. Black Panther has shattered a lot of those images and has given a new perspective of Africa all around the world.

Africa in a positive view

Black Panther has achieved what only a handful of movies have tried to do, and that is showing that Africa has a lot than what people usually of it. This movie has instilled in the mind of the viewers that the fashion of Africa is not any way lesser to the rest of the world. That the clothing and accessories used by them have a lot of significance and history behind it. The immense effort for researching and understanding of the African clothing by Ruth E Carter is clearly visible on the screen. The designer has understood how certain dresses are worn and who wears them and how they wear it. More importantly, integrating technology with the fashion is a herculean task and it is handled well in the movie.

The Role of South Africa in Black PantherThe language

Though the story is fiction, some real elements of Africa are infused to it. One such element is the use of isiXhosa which is a Nguni Language. IsiXhosa is one of the eleven official languages of South Africa and it is majorly used by the people who live in Eastern and Western Cape provinces of South Africa. In Captain America: Civil War, the same language is used to enhance an emotional scene which involves the conversation between a dying father who is the king and his son who is going to be the next king due to the former’s demise.

It was Kina who played the role of the former king recommended the directors to use IsiXhosa in the movie. The reason for the recommendation is that the movie would look more authentic. The use of a native language has also created a huge impact among the African people.

The story and the setup

The movie has a lot of iconic scenes and has shown futuristic technology in action. The conflict between the tribes, the ideologies, the agreements and so on are shown in a clear way. Also, the technology of Wakanda competes well above with Tony Stark’s inventions. Since the script has explained the origin of Wakanda, the viewers are able to immerse themselves in this fictional movie.

Black Panther has an important place in the movie industry – says Jackpot Mobile Casino which has a massive collection of UK mobile slots. The graphics and special effects of the movie like the rest of the Marvel movies are realistic and amazing at the same time.


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