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The Jobs That You Can Do From Anywhere

The Jobs That You Can Do From Anywhere

The Jobs That You Can Do From Anywhere

The world of work as we know it has changed; not only in that the physical, situational aspect of work is different and more flexible, but the way that we think about work has changed too. Decisions are now predominantly being made based on lifestyle choices. Regardless of where you live, there are opportunities to source and secure employment in this new age. You may have come to South Florida to retire or for the aforementioned lifestyle, but should the need arise, or you intend to stay for longer, then below are some ideas for work and sustainable opportunities in the information and data age.

Many of the jobs noted may sound like new-fangled weather systems moving in from the Keys but fear not, with the right kind of courses that are now readily available such as Azure certification training, you will not only understand these job descriptions but be in a position to start a journey in the Cloud.

Cloud Architect

This is the person who sets up the actual needs for a Cloud-based system. Turning a business or enterprise problem into a solution in the Cloud is the main aim of the architect. This will generally require a strong background in computing or for one to be prepared to fast track their learning to understand the operating systems, cyber security, networking, and if you are to progress, then a programming language too. Even knowing one of these aspects well will guarantee you opportunities for work that is, by its very name, Cloud-based and, as such, can be done from wherever you choose.

Cloud Administrator

With similar needs to the architect, a Cloud administrator is the person who, as it says on the tin, manages and controls the Cloud computing for one or a number of firms and businesses. In order to manage access to the network, there is an expectation of slightly more leaning towards the security and networking aspect of Cloud technology and learning.

Big Data Specialist

Just like the other jobs or career choices mentioned in this article, the flexibility inherent in being a big data specialist is worth mentioning. All sectors, businesses, and industries now want access to their customer, supplier, logistics, and sales data. Furthermore, this data must be historical in nature so that it can be analyzed for positive changes and growth. Understanding data storage, both the physical and technical processes involved in accessing data in the Cloud and securing it, and then being able to analyze it or use available software to do this is key.

The beauty of all of the job choices and opportunities mentioned herein is that they can also ideally be learned online. If it’s something you are interested in, persevere and ensure that you do more reading and research. Articles such as this one will provide you with the background knowledge and insight to be able to make informed decisions as to both the career or job options and whether or not you will need to re-train, and how this will likely take place.



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