The Hottest Summer Events and Gatherings for 2022: Top Ideas

Once again, summer is upon us, and people are ready to have a fun, roaring time. But what makes this summer different from the summer a year ago and even two years back is the fact that there are no longer any restrictions to speak of – and what a blessed relief that is! It’s the best time to plan something – whether it’s a corporate or social gathering (or both!). And since we’re talking about the summer, gatherings outdoors are the norm, as everyone can enjoy a bit of sun whilst mixing and mingling with everyone else. But when it comes to event ideas for the season, there are a few classic ones, but there are some new ones as well. So what’s on the list? Here are the hottest summer event and gatherings ideas for 2022.

summer event ideas

A summer luau

Speaking of summer, what better way to usher in the season than with a summer luau? For those that don’t know or aren’t sure, a luau is a party, Hawaiian style! Your attendees will love dressing up for it and coming in their brightest Hawaiian shirts and floral dresses and leis, and it’s easy to decorate a venue – just have lots of foliage and flowers (the bigger and more tropical, the better) and don’t forget the Tiki mugs and towers and the torches. Of course, since we’re in the tropics, make sure your bartender has a lot of rhum-based drinks in store – particularly Pina Coladas! For the food, you can’t go wrong with a hog roast. When it comes to activities and games, why not have a tug-o-war with side stalls from a fairground hire expert that everyone will love, such as coconut shy and tin can alley?

A summer derby

If you want something equally thrilling and nostalgic, you can set up another favourite early summer event: a derby. People will love going to the derby in their favourite hats, and you can even have a contest for the best hats. Of course, the best setting for a derby is a grassy field or meadow, and you can serve canapés and finger foods, lots of champagne and rose, and even a sangria or two.

A scavenger hunt

Another popular event worth mentioning is a scavenger hunt. This event is especially significant because it’s excellent for fostering that team spirit and allows people to do some networking at the same time. For large events, it’s even better because you can mix everyone up in teams. And here’s the thing – even if you have a smaller venue in the beginning, who says you have to stick with it? You can spread the scavenger hunt throughout the entire city, and your attendees will not only get the chance to stretch their legs – but they will also get the chance to get to know other people and improve their social skills.

The Olympics

If you want your team to get moving and interact with each other, why not host your very own summer Olympics? It’s a great favourite for bringing everyone together, and it offers excellent opportunities for team building! Set up games such as cycling races, tugs-of-war, sack races, human pyramids, and other activities that get everyone’s hearts racing and ensure a great time for all.


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