The Game Plan Non-Technical Masterminds Need To Shape Their Tech Business

We live in a tech-driven world where entrepreneurs need to stay updated in order to keep up the pace with the dynamic marketplace and stay ahead of the curve. It’s quite obvious that every founder can’t be technically sound, but they can definitely think of trying their luck in technology-enabled ventures. Are you one of this lot? If yes, no need to worry as we will walk you through a comprehensive game plan you require to lay the foundation of your tech business.

  1. Begin With Discovering A Source Of Inspiration To Keep You Motivated Throughout Your Journey

If you are from a non-technical background but want to start a tech company initially research the market and get to know similar masterminds who already wear the crown of successful tech founders. Read some of their stories and figure out what’s there which inspire you to move forward in the same direction.

You can find several such examples available in the contemporary market place such as Larry Ellison who is the founder of Oracle comes from a sales background. Similarly, Joe Gebbia and Brian Chesky who are the masterminds behind Airbnb hold a design degree. When exploring you can find numerous live examples which can provide you with enough inspiration and zeal to begin your voyage.

  1. Be Honest & List Down Your Own Expertise

It’s an established fact that you belong to the non-technical category. But still, you might be having a few essential skills that can be valuable in laying the foundation for your tech business. Explore different areas and figure out what’s your specific interest. You can do a lot of tasks such as raising funds, market research, recruiting talent, PR, marketing, etc.

  1. Connect With Your Prospective Customers

Before moving further, it’s mandatory for you to reach out to the real customers in the market. Talk with them and gain insights into their specific requirements and expectations. When interacting with your potential customers figure out their current pain points and problems they’re facing with existing solutions.

By evaluating these issues you can determine whether you want to build a product in order to solve a problem that already exists. Or, your solution will be aimed at fixing problems which customers could face in the future with existing alternatives. On the basis of this assessment, you can come up with a unique business idea.

The Game Plan Non-Technical Masterminds Need To Shape Their Tech Business

  1. Validate Your Business Idea For Its Feasibility

It’s true that coming from a non-technical background you won’t be able to visualize your idea and build a usable product out of it. But this can be possible by taking help of a few technically sound professionals.

Explore your personal and professional network and discuss the raw ideas you have with them. They can help you in polishing your ideas and provide you with a judgement whether they are feasible in real market scenario.

Another way to validate your business idea being a non-technical person is by creating a landing page and pull some traffic towards it. For creating such a page you aren’t required to be a coding wizard but you can use tools such as LeadPages, Unbounce, etc.

In addition, you should also research on potential competitors for your idea in the market. Also, evaluate what services they’re offering. This will help you in building a solution which is better than the versions already available in the market.

  1. Create A Wireframe Which Can Demonstrate Your Idea Effectively

Here too it’s not required to code or perform any specific technical task. All you need is a prototyping tool or a roadmapping software so that to create a website prototype of your idea which you can represent in front of stakeholders such as co-founders, investors, prospects, etc. Also, you can use an image editor to refined your wireframe.

  1. Pre-Sell Your Product In Order To Gain More Validation

Believe it or not, pre-selling is the best way to discover more business partners, investors, and customers. You can do this in numerous ways such as by providing customers who pre-ordered with some rewards such as special discounts, t-shirts, etc.

In addition, you can set a specific timeline in which customers can pre-order your product and avail special offers. Also, you can offer this deal to a limited number of customers on first come first serve basis.

  1. Look For An Efficient & Reliable Technical Co-Founder

This is the most integral part of your entire journey of building a tech business. If possible, meet and interview software engineers and technical professionals in person. Evaluate them on the basis of their technical expertise but give equal importance to soft skills such as effective communication, the capability to work in a team, potential to meet deadlines, etc.

You can search for technical co-founders on several platforms such as LinkedIn, seminars, meetups, forums, blogs, etc. Also, utilize websites like CofoundersLab or founder2be in order to spot the real tech talent.

In case you can’t find an efficient technical co-founder don’t lose your heart. But try to either learn and build by yourself which is obviously not very realistic. Or, get in touch with an experienced team of programmers and outsourcing your project to them.

By following this comprehensive master plan non-technical founders can easily lay a foundation of their tech business. And, by proper planning, no one can stop the business from becoming a brand in the global market.

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Anubhuti Shrivastava is a content crafter at Studyclerk and Benchpoint. She is passionate about writing articles on topics related to design and the software development industry.

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