The Epic Death Before Dishonor Reggae Sound Clash Returns to Montego Bay on Easter Monday, April 13

MONTEGO BAY, Jamaica – Jamaica’s most well-liked and thrilling sound clash is returning to Pier One — Montego Bay, Jamaica on Easter Monday, April 13, 2009 with a bang.

That’s right, sound clash connoisseurs Irish and Chin are delivering a highly anticipated 9th installment of their famed Death Before Dishonor – World Clash Jamaica sound clash. Always focused on entertainment of olympic-sized proportions, Irish and Chin has pegged dancehall icon Beenie Man and popular Jamaican radio personality Ragashanti to host the event. These hosts’ involvement has spawned a frenzy.

Easter Monday in Jamaica just wouldn’t be complete with out the annual, heavily attended Death Before Dishonor clash. Just shy of their 10th anniversary, Irish and Chin has announced a fiery line-up for the sizzlin sound system competition. And consequently, the buzz surrounding this year’s clash is incredible! Death Before Dishonor 9 will feature two spectacular clashes in one night.

As Irish and Chin is dedicated to implementing innovative concepts and formats into their epic sound clashes, Death Before Dishonor 9 will open with an early-warm clash dubbed “Juggling to Kill” between sound systems from “TOWN” and “COUNTRY.” While the “TOWN” team consists of blazing sounds Code Red, Coppershot, Jigsy and Razz&Biggie, the opposing team will have “COUNTRY” killers DJ Kentucky, Dexter Pepa, Crazy Chris and Olympic. Always eyeing fresh sound system talent, this segment is sure to be a blast. Sound clash fans are digging this newly added segment.

As you read this, thousands of die hard sound clash enthusiasts are getting their clash voices, whistles and flames in order for Death Before Dishonor 9. And by the looks of things, these accessories will be much needed for the hotter-than-hot main event. Scheduled for the main clash are two-time returning champions Mighty Crown, Black Kat, Bodyguard and Black Blunt.

The “Far East Rulers” and two-time returning champions Mighty Crown are hungry to once again take over Pier One with a bevy of top dubplates and selections. Still overwhelmed by last year’s notable victory, Mighty Crown has trained hard to reclaim their fury. With many top clash accloades under their belt, Mighty Crown supporters are fully confident.
Meanwhile, Crown’s nemesis Black Kat has just as much fire. Panther, who has been dubbed the “Five Star General” by clash fans because of five+ major world clash victories (including a memorable win at Death Before Dishonor 4), is also eyeing the coveted Death Before Dishonor 9 trophy. With strong ties in the dancehall arena, Black Kat’s dub box is not to be taken for granted.

Bodyguard, one of Jamaica’s most famous clash sounds, returned to the arena in 2008. Since then, Bodyguard has been causing havok. Armed with a team of young, fresh and vibrant selectors, Bodyguard is yearning for a Death Before Dishonor victory to add to their accolades. The team is dead set on winning, while giving fans an unforgettable performance.

Filling the Death Before Dishonor’s newcomer slot is Black Blunt. This sound was handpicked by Irish and Chin to participate because of their overwhelming popularity in Western Jamaica.

Although Black Blunt may appear to be Death Before Dishonor’s underdogs on the surface, their underground strength and respect is phenomenal. Ruling Western Jamaica has been the core of Black Blunt’s existence this past year. Montego Bay is destined to rock when Black Blunt joins Mighty Crown, Black Kat and Bodyguard to indulge in all out war at Death Before Dishonor 9.

Easter will never be the same after Irish and Chin drop two giant clashes in one weekend: Battle of the Legends on Friday, April 10 at Amazura in Queens, New York and Death Before Dishonor 9 on Monday, April 13 at Pier One in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

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