The Crimes that Can Rob an Individual’s Freedom

Crimes that Can Rob an Individual's Freedom

Freedom is a fundamental right that everyone, both citizens and noncitizens are entitled to. However, that right can be immediately taken away if you violate the laws of your resident country.

Even an innocent citizen can be put away if they do not have solid legal representation when charged with a crime. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help if your freedom is being threatened because of a crime you did not commit.

The Crimes That Can Send You to Prison

Here are the most common crimes that can rob an individual’s freedom:

Violent Crimes

Violent crime is a broad term for all crimes that involve physical harm or the threat of physical harm to another person. It includes crimes like:

  • Murder: Murder is regarded as the unlawful killing of another human being with malice aforethought. This is the most serious crime on this list, and it carries the potential for life imprisonment or even the death penalty.
  • Assault: This involves intentionally causing physical injury to another person or threatening to do so. The severity of the assault charge depends on the degree of harm inflicted and the weapon used. Simple assault might result in fines or probation, while aggravated assault with a weapon could lead to significant prison time.
  • Robbery: This is the act of taking property from someone directly, often through force or threat of force. Imagine snatching a purse on the street or a masked robber demanding money from a store clerk. Robbery charges are generally more serious than theft charges because they involve a direct confrontation and potential violence. Penalties can be significant, often involving jail time.

Drug Crimes

The sale, possession, or manufacturing of illegal drugs are serious offenses with the potential for prison sentences. Here are the two primary types of drug crimes:

  • Drug Trafficking: This involves the large-scale sale or distribution of illegal drugs. Trafficking charges are typically much more serious than simple possession and can result in lengthy prison sentences. The mandatory minimums for these sentences vary by state.
  • Possession of Controlled Substances: This refers to having illegal drugs in your possession, even in small amounts. The severity of the charge depends on the type and quantity of drugs involved. While some states have decriminalized possession of small amounts of marijuana, most other drugs carry the potential for jail or prison time.

Property Crimes

Property crimes involve stealing or damaging the property of others. The three most common types of property crimes include:

  • Burglary: This involves the unlawful entry of a building with the intent to commit a crime inside, typically theft. Breaking a window to steal valuables or sneaking into a closed store at night are classic burglary examples.
  • Grand Theft: This refers to a more serious form of larceny, involving the theft of property exceeding a specific value set by law. Examples of grand theft include stealing a car, expensive jewelry, or a large sum of cash. Grand theft is typically classified as a felony, carrying harsher penalties than petty theft (larceny of lower-value items).
  • Arson: This involves the intentional setting of fire to a building or other property. Arson can be devastating, not only causing property damage but also endangering lives.
Crimes that Can Rob an Individual's Freedom
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Wrapping Up

Our freedom is precious. It allows us to pursue our dreams, build relationships, and experience life to the fullest. You must not allow yours to be taken away, even when you have done nothing to warrant it.

You have the right to rely on your court-appointed attorney to represent you at trials. But, considering how overworked these lawyers are, it would not be a smart decision to gamble your safety with them.

You have a better chance with a lawyer who can be devoted to your cause. A lawyer who treats your case with the utmost commitment is the one who will fight for your cause till the very end. They will stand by you, no matter what challenges you face, and be with you till the judge slams the gavel and says, “You’re free to go”.

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