The Best Quick Day Trips around South Florida

The Best Quick Day Trips around South Florida such as Florida Everglades
Florida Everglades

Florida is one of the best tourist states to explore. The wonderful coastline, amazing gardens, historical monuments, and some renowned strip clubs are some of the vital reasons why “a trip to Florida” is on the bucket list of most of the wanderers. It is worth to note that this “sunshine” city is not limited to spectacular beaches or museums. In fact, there are a plethora of attractions you get to explore here. Once you have visited the nightclubs and beaches, it is time to explore some breathtaking locations.

Here’s how you can make your Florida vacation the best trip you’d have ever had:

The Everglades

There can’t be a better location than Florida’s Everglades for nature lovers. Even if you aren’t a big fan of the ecosystem, you should consider paying a visit to this beautiful land that accommodates a couple of endangered animals such as the Leatherback Turtle, West Indian Manatee, Florida Panther, and etc.

You can see the beautiful ecosystem of the Everglades by gliding across the mangrove channels. Luckily, you will be accompanied by a few more tourists and an expert guide. The guide will give you all the insights on the delicate yet amazing ecosystem of the place.

Palm Beach

Florida is not only known for its natural and historical views but the place is pretty famous for some exclusive shopping malls and stores too. If you want to go shopping, plan a day trip to the Palm Beach outlet where you are sure to come across the world’s most famous designer brands. The best part is that the tourists can bargain and get hefty discounts on such leading designer stuff. There are family stores that stock children, women, and men stuff. Palm Beach Outlets feature an exceptional collection of some delicious and the best restaurants in the city. Once you are done with shopping, hit the nearest restaurant for a sumptuous lunch.

Key West

Reaching Key West from Miami can be a tiresome and a long trip but the location is worth the effort. The visitors need to drive across 31 islands as well as 43 bridges (which are totally stunning). The journey can take as little as 4 hours given that you don’t stop often to capture some wonderful scenery on the way (which is probably difficult as the bridges and islands are too fascinating to avoid). Key West is the only American location that remains free of frost all throughout the year. You should definitely plan a day trip to Key West if you want to explore luxury dining, high-end shopping, and some incredible Caribbean vibes.

Disney World

Your trip to Florida won’t be complete until you visit American’s famous theme park i.e. the Disney World. Luckily, there are several transport services available that can drop you off at the Disney World at the earliest possible time. Don’t forget to explore Cinderella’s palace before heading back to your hotel. Once you get back to your apartment, you can relax and play mobile casino games to make your day more special.

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