The 3rd National Black Immigration Network (BIN) Conference April 22 – 24th 2012 in Atlanta Georgia!

ATLANTA – The 3rd National Black Immigration Network (BIN) Conference is an important conference that aims to uplift the voices of African-Americans and black migrants in the struggle for racial justice and immigrant rights.

BIN is a national network of organizations and individuals in the United States who are building a movement that contributes to the social and economic well-being of U.S.-born Blacks and Black immigrants (including refugees) by organizing in these communities, developing the leadership of Black people, and advocating for policies that benefit Black communities.

The 3-day conference will engage in dialogue and action as members and conference participants we will:

• Ratify our structure and electing steering committee

• Decide upon joint national and regional campaigns

• Participate in skills building workshops to expand our capacity (e.g., connecting voter drives to civil rights and immigrant rights; and effective media and communications strategies)

• Exchange ideas about organizing and educating through unions, black churches and black civil rights groups

• Network with a community of like-minded people of African-decent

• Help network and movement-building allies respond to crisis in the South

And much more!

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