Technolij Innovation Center to Open at Florida Memorial University

Promoting Upward Economic Mobility For Black and Brown Communities

Technolij Inc. will help to create the next generation of South Florida’s technologists, innovators, and entrepreneurs.

Technolij Innovation Center to Open at Florida Memorial UniversityMIAMI GARDENSTechnolij, Inc., a non-profit organization focused on closing the racial wealth gap through technology education, is partnering with Florida Memorial University, South Florida’s only HBCU, to launch the Technolij Innovation Center on Thursday, January 26, 2023, at 10 am.

This partnership is part of the larger mission to ensure that technological advancement is available to all Black and Brown communities in South Florida. In addition, the infinite potential of technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship is accessible to these communities. The event is open to the public with free registration here.

To realize this mission, the Technolij Innovation Center will be open to students and community members. The center will be offering programming such as talks from local entrepreneurs and nationally recognized technologists. In addition, philanthropic events, and educational workshops. The center’s opening will host various partners, such as Florida Memorial University, Career South Florida, Miami-Dade County, Venture Miami, Miami Gardens Mayor, and Council Members.

Technolij Apprenticeship Program

Technolij is proud to introduce the Technolij Apprenticeship Program, a joint initiative between Ted Lucas & Marlon Avery, Bootup, and various community organizations. This program has been created to allow students to gain entry-level positions in the tech industry. Specifically by emphasizing equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Community partners, including BLK Men in Tech. They will ensure that the students and community have equal access and opportunity to explore technology. By providing access to resources, networks, and pathways to cultivate natural abilities. This program will help close the wealth gap. Plus, provide communities of color with career pathways in the fast-growing technology sector of the economy.

Opportunities in Tech

“At Technolij Inc, we prioritize technology and innovation. Our goal is to demonstrate to underrepresented individuals in Black and Brown communities the vast opportunities available within the tech and innovation sectors and to empower them with the necessary training, resources, and mentorship to achieve success,” says Founder Ted Lucas.

Proficient in Technology

“The Technolij Innovation Center at FMU will provide the necessary tools to ensure students are proficient in the latest technology and prepared for cutting-edge jobs beyond school,” said Dr. Jaffus Hardrick, President of FMU. “This invaluable campus resource helps our University deliver on its mission of producing graduates with the knowledge and skills to be career-ready for the fastest growing industries.”

Cyber SPACE at Florida Memorial University

Technolij Innovation Center to Open at Florida Memorial University

“BLK Men in Tech’s mission is to make tech accessible and inclusive. By partnering with Technolij to build our first Cyber SPACE on the campus of Florida Memorial University, we are ensuring that the students and community have equal access and opportunity to explore technology. In addition, we’re building programs that provide historically underrepresented communities with tools, equipment, and training that will provide opportunities for people to develop skills, create new businesses and start careers in emerging fields,” states Kham Ward, Chief Executive Officer-BLK Men in Tech, Inc.

Community Partners

Previous partners and sponsors of Technolij include Venture Miami, Miami-Dade Mayor Daniella Levine Cava, the City of Miami, AT&T., the City of Miami Gardens, Miami-Dade County Chairman Oliver G. Gilbert III, Miami NFT Week, Florida Memorial University, Quicknode, and numerous others.

For more information about the Technolij Innovation Center at Florida Memorial University, please visit

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