Tarrus Riley’s ”Challenges” In stores July 1st

MIRAMAR – VP Records is set to re-release of the lover roots crooner Tarrus Riley’s first album Challenges, the release that put Tarrus on the map with songs like “Barber Chair” and “Larger Than Life.”

Challenges includes two new bonus tracks entitled “Love Created I” and “Save the Children” and gives new Tarrus fans a chance to hear what they have missed prior to his international stardom with his critically acclaimed album release Parables and his mega hits She’s Royal,” “Stay With You,” and “Beware.”

The opening hit “Larger than Life” warns listeners to take the time out of our schedule to “give praise.” “Barber Chair,” emphasizes personal freedom and liberation, encouraging listeners to pursue knowledge regarding their past and culture.

Bonus tracks “Love Created I,” addressees heavy-hitting issues like ‘modern-day slavery’ and racialism while the conscious ode “Save the Children” rallies positive reinforcement for the youth.

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