Tamana InTech Park Key to Future of ICT, Knowledge-Based Economy in Trinidad and Tobago

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad – As business and government leaders meet at the first National ICT Business and Innovation Symposium this week in Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) to discuss the technology industry’s role in the nation’s ongoing transformation to a knowledge-based economy, they will be learning about progress on an aggressive project that is a cornerstone of that effort.

Tamana InTech Park (TIP), which is scheduled to open in 2009, is designed to strengthen local ICT businesses and to attract foreign companies by creating a microcosm of efficiency and connectivity customized specifically for the ICT sector.

“The focus for Tamana is on innovation and best-in-class infrastructure, systems and processes,” said Wendy Fitzwilliam, Vice President of Business Development at e TecK, the local state company responsible for this critical development project. “We envision that Tamana will be a hub for new communities and a central business district like no other.”

Tamana InTech Park stands out for its cutting-edge technology tailor-made for cross-linked business opportunities and resource clustering. Situated among moriche palms on a natural reserve, supported by the on-site campus of University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT), and outfitted with state-of-the-art telecom and security systems, the Park will be both naturally relevant and technologically advanced. TIP’s Tier III data centre will be the only one of its kind in the region, and will offer a complete suite of basic data centre services for TIP’s tenants.

Tamana InTech Park will occupy 1100 acres of land west of Piarco International Airport on the site of the former Wallerfield air base, approximately 45 km from T&T’s capital of Port of Spain.

Business clusters situated at TIP will benefit from a variety of features, including:

– A computer-related zone that will engage in data processing, software development, programming and business process outsourcing

– A high-value manufacturing zone for technology-based and specialized manufacturing

– An agro-industrial zone catering to food and organic farming, and agro-industrial and forestry activities; and

– A mixed use services zone providing technical support and maintenance for media consultancy and healthcare

With UTT as a partner, businesses at TIP will have access to the university’s intellectual property, leading edge research and development and quality graduates. A business incubator will help accelerate the development of start-up and fledging companies.

Although TIP is in its construction era, this park has attracted interest from a wide variety of potential clients—including software developers, biometrics researchers, and business intelligence incubators.

Perfectly positioned to lead

In a nation-by-nation overall infrastructure comparison, T&T ranks among the best in the Caribbean in terms of ICT sector readiness and growth. Strategic initiatives are focused on making T&T the leader in ICT Services in the region and on providing e-Government services to local and international businesses and investors.

T&T leaders also point to a number of advantages for companies looking to site in the country, including a well educated, English-speaking population, a prime position at the crossroads of North and South America, one of the lowest energy rates in the world and plans already in progress for extensive transformation of the country’s physical infrastructure.

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