Sweetness continues to flavor the airwaves

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Easily, House of Hits produced Sweetness rhythm can be played to provide the music to an Irie Jam session with the selections a hit after hit. Radio land has been enjoying as too are disc jocks who happily play the rhythm to a tuned in audience.

Filled with favorites from names known all too well for their hit effectiveness, Sweetness continues to flavour the airwaves, thanks to producer Elvis Grant and executive producer Steble McDermott, CEO of House of Hits.

Jamaica has been enjoying Marley Campbell’s ‘Giving You My Love’ single and is getting to know the young singer who reminds his audience of world renowned Sizzla. ‘Giving You My Love’ was one of the first releases on the rhythm that hinted the industry to what came after. And what came after only made music lovers, fans of radio and the respective artistes who recorded on the track even more curious.

Now tuned in, the Dela Vega production House of Hits dropped the rest, all poised for musical chart representation and are favourites on Euro and US airwaves. These include Marley Campbell – ‘Giving You My Love’, Stream – ‘Fuss Nor Fight’, Lady G – ‘Ghetto Vibes’, Thriller U – ‘I Can Feel Your Pain’, Emmanuel Stain – ‘Oh My Jah’, Lutan Fyah – ‘This Little Voice’, Mikey General – ‘Anybody Know’, Luciano – ‘For You’, Fantan Mojah – ‘Take You Out’, Perfect – ‘Ghetto Youth Want Meal’, Ras Charmer – ‘I Am In Love With You’, Prophecy – ‘Fight Di Fight’, Chezidek – ‘We Will Survive’, Chrisinti – ‘Must Be Dreaming’, Gary Minott – ‘Paid My Dues’, Que – ‘I Can’t’ and Tony Curtis – ‘I Try’. All adding stripes to the respect of disc jocks playing them.

Talk about respect. Lady of ladies, Lady G went all out and deserves every ounce of respect for her documentary type social commentary ‘Ghetto Vibes’, the Sweetness hit that has disc jocks locked into the pull up mode. With ‘Ghetto Vibes’ where you are from might just be named in the list of places Lady G delivers, which possesses the real positive ‘Ghetto Vibes’. ‘Ghetto Vibes’ examines the lifestyle of upscale uptown and living in inner-cities, the topic of Lady G’s pioneer break song.

Props and hats off to Luciano for his ‘For You’ single, a tribute to the things that matters in life. While ‘Fuss Nor Fight’ by Stream is another beautiful introduction to good music from the singer often seen and heard in the background harmonizing others. But now she has come into her own, and will explode on stage Reggae Sumfest next week in a memorable performance.

What makes the songs sweet is certainly not just rhythm or artiste driven. Everything proper, the rhythm sort out, keyboard to percussion. Disc jocks say so, the people say so and even the artistes best themselves and delivered, say so.

The residents of the Spanish Town based House of Hits located at 369 Second Rodney, Dela Vega City, Spanish Town, St. Catherine also speak of the pride to know that the recording house from their community is making a world impact. All the tracks are now released and are getting heavy rotation on major radio stations locally and abroad.

Musicians featured on the rhythm are: Paul ‘Wrong Move’ Crossdale on drums, keys, bass and guitar; and Kyodi Jakes on drums and keys. Recording and mixing engineer is Courtney McLaughlin. All the production was done at the House of Hits Recording Studio. While disc jocks yard and abroad ask for more and tell the producer keep them coming.

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