Superfood of the Oceans: Pearl Powder Benefits and Uses

Superfood of the Oceans: Pearl Powder Benefits and Uses

The gemstones of the sea may serve as your favorite pair of pearl earrings, but they can also add vital benefits to your skincare and beauty routine. Pearl powder can, in fact, help keep your body in shape and strong because of this fibroblast regeneration. Pearl powders powers come from a substance found in it– called nacre– that regenerates fibroblasts in the body, which accelerates wound healing, forming new skin, collagen, and bone tissue. Collagen regeneration help restores a glow, reduces sun damage and wrinkles, and helps with skin tightness for reducing sagging.

Tahitian pearls specifically do more than just look brilliant in a pearl necklace. These pearls can also work towards an array of benefits for your skin. In addition to moisturizing the skin, dark pearls contain anti-tyrosinase and anti-pigmentation properties. This will help preserve the natural sheen of skin and restore it to a younger and fresher look, in addition to adding moisture and smoothness.

Pearl powder contains the following:

  • Calcium- this promotes skin regeneration and cell turnover.
  • Amino Acids- the building blocks of protein, they help produce collagen, protect skin from pollution, and promote cell repair.
  • Magnesium- helps maintain the skin’s health.

There are many benefits and ways to implement pearl powder into your routine– read on for some of the most popular.

Ideal Oral Supplement

Pearl powder was used in ancient Chinese medicine as an anti-inflammatory and detoxifying agent. It contains magnesium which can elevate GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) levels which helps with anxiety, depression, and sleep disorders. When orally ingested, it can help with relaxation and because it contains essential amino acids, help strengthen your bones. It works as a great oral supplement because it has no peculiar taste and can be included in your favorite drinks such as smoothies, coffee, water, or tea. You can even include it in your favorite recipes so you can enjoy delicious food and arm your body with vital minerals and nutrients. With all of these benefits, it’s no wonder pearl powder is the latest craze.

Acne Fighter

In addition to acne being a main skin concern, the dark spots acne can leave behind are also major skin issues. Pearl powder helps in the exfoliation of your skin, removing the dead cells and replacing them with new and healthy skin cells. To use pearl powder to your advantage with acne and dark spots, mix loose pearl dust with water to a paste consistency and apply directly to your acne. Doing this before you go to sleep will give your skin adamant time to absorb the supplements and get to work healing– leaving you with better results.

Skin Brightener

People are turning towards gemstones for a natural glow and pearl powder definitely has the same results. Akoya pearls, in particular, are known for their antioxidant properties and brands are turning towards them to take advantage of their illuminating qualities. Dark circles can be attributed to the thinning skin that is losing pigmentation coupled with overall dull skin. Thanks to pearl signal proteins, they help with the regeneration of collagen which will serve as a rejuvenating factor to your skin and undereye circles.

Pearl infused masks have been popular amongst Asian women for decades, though they are just starting to hit the market in the US. They are specifically favored where pearls are easily cultivated. Pearl infused face masks will hydrate the skin, plump and firm it, in addition to leaving you as illuminated as a pearl.

Increases Lifespan

In both animal and human studies, pearl powder has shown promising results in improving the subject’s lifespan. This is in part due to the production of antioxidants that are connected to increased longevity in addition to overall health and wellness. Both glutathione and superoxide dismutase are potent antioxidants in the body and connected to the longevity of people, specifically SOD because of its ability to reverse many diseases.

Although many more studies are needed, early trials are showing impressive results in the connection of pearl powder and the ability to support cell regrowth and renewal. While this may not be a confirmed benefit of pearl powder, there will definitely be more research to speak to this in the coming years.

Improves Intelligence

Chinese scientists have been researching the incredible ways pearl powder affects the brain and have begun studies to prove that it can improve children’s IQ. Starting the experiment on mice, they fed pearl powder supplements to mice for 12 days. After the experiment, those mice were found to have stronger immunity and tested better in mazes. In another study, more than 200 children with disabilities took between 750 to 1500 mg of pearl powder every day. After three months, 92% of the children showed an increase in IQ of more than 80%.

Pearl powder can bring more than just glowing and rejuvenated skin to your life, it can also improve your overall health, bones, lifespan, and intelligence.

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