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St Martin 95% destroyed due to Hurricane Irma

St. Martin – A local official of St Martin in the northern French part of the island, Daniel Gibb, said, “I have sick people to evacuate, I have a population to evacuate, because I don’t know where I can shelter them.

Latest tweets say 6 people are dead and the number may be climbing.

“Ninety-five percent of the island [has been] destroyed. I’m in shock. It’s frightening. … It’s an enormous catastrophe.”

Emmanuel Macron, President of France, has said that the damage from Hurricane Irma to St. Martin and other French overseas destinations is going to be “considerable.”

“It’s too soon for casualty figures… I can already tell you the toll will be harsh and cruel,” he said.

However, Guadeloupe prefect reported that so far it is known that six people were killed in the French part of St. Martin.

French Overseas Minister Annick Girardin is traveling to Guadalupe with emergency supplies and teams.

due to Hurricane Irma: St Martin 95% destroyed
Damage to St. Martin due to Hurricane Irma
Reported damages in St Martin

St Barthélemy

  • The fire station is under 1m of water and fire engine are out of service. Firefighters are taking refuge of the first floor.
  • Several homes have been damaged and roofs blown off.
  • There is a total electricity blackout and the main EDF sub station is out of action.

St Martin

  • Government offices have been partly destroyed.
  • The island prefect and 23 staff are taking shelter in a concrete-lined room.
  • The fire station has been damaged
  • The island has been without electricity since 6am

Police have reported several roofs have blown off in the storm

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