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South Florida’s North Shore Medical Center Sends Medication to Haiti

Miami — Thanks to a collaborative effort between Saint Louis University Hospital and North Shore Medical Center- two Tenet Healthcare Corporation hospitals- a 10-year-old girl in Haiti has received potentially life-saving medication after being diagnosed with Guillan Barre Syndrome.

As a rare and life-threatening autoimmune disorder that can quickly attack the body’s peripheral nervous system, treatment requires the timely administration of specific high-dose immunoglobulin therapies. This treatment is expensive and often in limited supply, which left the young Haitian girl in need of a generous donation.

Dr. Karen Webb, Chief Medical Officer of Saint Louis University Hospital learned of the young girl’s medical need, and quickly made a phone call to Dr. David Katzin, Chief Medical Officer of the Tenet Florida Region. The two agreed that since North Shore Medical Center’s community has a thriving Haitian population and many of the physicians are also Haitian, the Miami hospital was well positioned to rush the medication to the girl in Haiti. North Shore Medical Center’s Chief of Staff, Dr. Susan Baker, worked with hospital administration agreeing to split the cost of the medication and sending it to Haiti.

“When I learned about this girl’s critical medical need, I knew we could help,” said Dr. Katzin, who worked with North Shore Chief Executive Officer Manny Linares. “As a large network of hospitals throughout the country, we were able to leverage the help of North Shore Medical Center.”

The immunoglobulin therapy has been flown from North Shore Medical Center to the girl in Haiti. Now, she will receive five doses of the medication in the next five days with a hope for a bright future ahead.

“North Shore Medical Center is happy to serve our local community, which includes many Haitian-Americans and Haitian born residents. We are grateful that Dr. Webb alerted us of this urgent medical need, and that we had the resources to help,” said Linares.

From Left, Dr. Susan Baker, Chief of Staff, and Manny Linares, Chief Executive Officer of North Shore Medical Center, with potential life-saving medication to treat 10-year old Haitian boy diagnosed with Guillan Barre Syndrome.

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