The Sons of Rabalac Gives 100% of Proceeds from Green & Black to Calabar High

SOUTH FLORIDA – The Sons of Rabalac are composed of eight former Calabar High School soccer players who came together to provide aid and assistance to their alma mater.

Since 2011, Sons of Rabalac has donated over $2.5 million JMD annually between yearly academic scholarships and the football program.

Their name “Rabalac” is the product of Calabar spelled backwards, emphasizing the prestige behind the organization’s cause.


The Sons of Rabalac Gives 100% of Proceeds from Green & Black to Calabar High

L-R: Members of Sons of RabalacGeddes Alexander, Mohinder Nathan, Leroy Harding, Orville Murphy, Dave Green, Gareth Phillips and Ralston Phillips.

Calabar’s Green & Black 7 year anniversary celebration will be held June 15th at Karu Multiplex in Fort Lauderdale, South Florida to support the Sons of Rabalac’s non-for profit and their contribution towards the school’s aim for outstanding academia and sportsmanship.

The Rabalac collective invites the Jamaican Diaspora to their yearly event to build awareness and fundraise on behalf of their passion for enhancing the student experience while upholding the school’s motto “The Utmost for the Highest”.

This exciting annual event will pay homage to the exceptional individuals energizing this festive season following Jamaica’s Annual Boys and Girls Championships and The Penn Relays Carnival celebration.

The Sons of Rabalac’s mission states, “We believe that every student that walks through that gate of Calabar H.S. has the potential to be great and Sons of Rabalac will make every effort to help cultivate that greatness”.

Prominent professors, doctors, politicians, and journalists hail from the prestigious institution founded in 1912.

Jamaican poet Roger Mais, former Prime Minister P.J. Patterson, and Olympic game medalists Herb McKinley and Authur Wint were all renowned graduates who bear the Roaring Lion emblem.

Charitable events like the annual soccer tournament held in Fort Lauderdale highlight the Sons of Rabalac’s mission to strengthen Calabar’s infrastructure for future alumni.

The Green and Black Affair will commemorate years of greatness coming forth from Jamaica to the world.

The Calabar Old Boys welcome the Florida massive to kick-off the summer with their latest green and black attire.

Stone Love, Supa Sound, and Fire Redz will bring good vibes while juggling the best of 90’s reggae along with the latest in Dancehall, Pop, R&B and Hip-Hop.

100% Proceeds from the event will go towards raising funds for Calabar’s academic scholarships and sports program in Jamaica.

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