Soca Fete to kick off Music Festival Week

BASSETERRE, St.Kitts – Three top bands in St.Kitts-Nevis are joining forces this weekend, Saturday June 16th , to stage a massive soca party at one of the St. Kitts leading night clubs.

Club Kactus, which can easily be called St.Kitts Club,Party and Fete central, will no doubt live up to it’s reputation as the #1 night spot in St.Kitts-Nevis this upcoming weekend when it plays host to SOCA MADNESS 2007.

The SOCA fete is expected to be the unofficial kick off of, and warm-up for the 11th annual St.Kitts Music Festival.

The madness is being organized by Island Vybz Entertainment who brought you the Night of the Stars Old Years night ball at the Angelus Hotel this past carnival. The ball was hugely successful and was one of the highlights of St.Kitts-Nevis carnival 2006-07.

The fete will be headlined by top soca bands and artistes including current and 5 time road march champions the Small Axe Band , former road march Champions the Grand Masters and the hottest, newest band in the Caribbean d’Vybz Band, who burst onto the scene late last year and has already become a household name in the Caribbean.

“This SOCA fete will be the perfect kick off for
music festival week 2k7,” said a member of Island Vybz Entertainment. “The fete will feature a MAD zone which will be an area specially located to feature the hot soca girls of St.Kitts-Nevis doing there soca dutty wine and hot wukk,” the member continued. The member indicated that prizes including music festival tickets will be given away all night and will also be given to the ladies with the best soca “dutty wine” and “hot wukk” in the soca mad zone.

The Small Axe Band are still riding high after their road march title for carnival 2k6 and are on top of their game performing and exciting crowds all over the Caribbean and north America. According to sources close to the band they are expected to give patrons of the fete a glimpse of what the band will offer for carnival 2k7 in December.

Grand Masters are also performing well and they to are on top of their game.

d’Vybz had an expceptional debut carnival season and the band has been able to maintain the musical standard , excitement ,interest and buzz that it did for carnival 2006/07. They are expected to give the audience a very small glimpse of their carnival 2k7 music.

The SOCA Madness fete will be the first of a series of events headlined by the band for the music festival period. The band will also headline events at the Westside Gas Station on June 19th and they will also be the featured act at Music Festival Front Stage on the afternoon of Thursday 21st in Independence Square.

Despite the name SOCA madness the event will also feature dancehall, reggae and hip-hop with a number of dj’s including the Kactus house dj TNO blazing on the inside.

Soca Madness music festival warm-up fete takes place on June 16th at Club Kactus and starts at 11pm .

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