Jamaica Ready for Second Staging of Mama Africa Arise & Unite

Mama Africa Arise & Unite Celebrates Community Development & Unification

Portland, Jamaica – Following on the heels of the successful launch on July 15, 2018 at the breathtaking Di Atlantic Entertainment Center, located in the beautiful parish of Manchioneal Portland, Mama Africa Arise & Unite is set to bring a life-changing aura and message to patrons once again.

On August 26, 2018, from 12 Noon onward, the community is invited to gather in their numbers at the same venue for a day of celebration, culture, entertainment and fun.

The event represents the first Parish Cultural Debut, Community Building Development project that will benefit women and youth both in Portland and St Thomas.

Mama Africa Arise & Unite was founded by Ellisa Issachar, Managing Director of D.A.E.C, Spokesperson and musician from the Abrahamic Covenant Family Ministry. She is joined by Mojiba Ase’, founder of Forever Africa, Spoken Word Artist, General Manager of Mama Africa Arise & Unite, daughter of the Legendary Count Ossie a RasTafarian Cultural and Musical Icon.

Jamaica Ready for Second Staging of Mama Africa Arise & Unite with Moji & Elisa
Moji & Elisa

Over the years, the Abrahamic Covenant Family Ministry founded by Bishop Denroy Morgan, has stood firm for African unification in Jamaica and is pleased to be aligned with Mama Africa Arise & Unite to support its spiritual values and commitment to the Community.

The theme, Who Am I? Will be leading the main workshop and promises to open up the minds and hearts of participants and humanity in general.

Our growing Sponsorship Team consists of: Abrahamic Covenant Family Ministry, Di’Atlantic Entertainment Center, Forever Africa, Stteppin Out Loud T.V., Access Jamaica, Living Life as a Sacred Practice, RNG – Ras Nik Graphics, Pan African Federalist Movement N.I.C. Jamaica, Kromantic Group and CaribNewsroom.

Di Atlantic Entertainment Center comes alive for the second staging of Mama Africa Arise & Unite. To add to the festivities, Ellisa Issachar will be celebrating her Earthday at this memorable event.

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