Saint Lucia Tourist Board earmarked to launch awareness campaign to curb crime

ST. LUCIA – The vice president of marketing at the Saint Lucia Tourist Board, Nerdine St. Rose, has devised an innovative idea to help deal with the present crime situation.

St. Rose, who recently took over the position, says a robust public awareness campaign to educate the citizenry on the importance of tourism, will be given priority.

She says the idea is to market tourism to Saint Lucians particularly in marginalised communities, and give them opportunities to be apart of the growth and development of the industry.

“While we try to bring tourists to this destination, I also note that it is very important to get the local community involved in the industry. This is a top priority for us moving forward, because if Saint Lucia is not safe, then it makes it difficult for us to do our job and sell the destination,” St. Rose said.

Nerdin St. Rose

“Tourism is really our business and it is our number one industry and we need to protect it. We are hoping that if we can educate residents then they will have a better understanding, and hopefully, when they see a visitor, they will not think of robbing the individual,” St. Rose said.

St. Rose says she hopes to launch the public awareness campaign shortly.

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