Saint Lucia to spend US$3.5 Million on Youth Skills Initiative

ST. LUCIA – St. Lucia’s Parliament has authorized the Acting Prime Minister and Minister for Finance Honourable Stephenson King to borrow an amount of US$3.5 million in Special Drawing Rights by way of credit from the International Development Association, for the purpose of assisting in financing the OECS Skills for Inclusive Growth Project.

This program, he says, comes at a time when a large section of the youth seem under-equipped to provide the skills demanded by the workforce, and that the program will significantly boost the areas which need strengthening.

“Madame Speaker one of the problems we face at this time, particularly now, is the fact that in many instances because of the nature and magnitude of the development taking place in our country, young people and generally the work force seem to be lacking in certain skills that is required to service and provide the necessary workforce in those industries. Therefore the time has come for us to enhance the skills set of our people to respond to the market needs of the community,” Mr. King said.

The Acting Prime Minister said Saint Lucia will be undertaking the pilot phase of the program, which will then be replicated in other OECS member states.

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