Saint Lucia intensifies Cricket World Cup preparations

ST. LUCIA – As Saint Lucia and other countries in the region prepare to host the International Cricket Council’s Cricket World Cup next year, Saint Lucia is moving into a phase where various sector teams are meeting to ensure all sectors are in sync with their planning.

On Wednesday, August 16th members of the Emergency and Medical sector teams met at the Bay Gardens Inn, to review their programs and to try to identify gaps in their activities to date, as well as focus on challenges, and how to resolve them.

“This is the first in a series of exercises, because in the coming weeks, all 18 sector teams would have had these meetings and on the sixth of September at the Cara Suites Hotel, the entire grouping will meet to discuss issues related to each other. So we are looking to integrate our programming,” Operations Manager at Cricket World Cup Saint Lucia Incorporated Fortuna Belrose said.

She said the series of meetings will ensure that the various sector teams function on a level playing field.

“It’s all about sharing information, taking stock really of where we are during the next six months of operations to determine our status in relation to each, Belrose added.”

The Local Organizing Committee is also in the process of stepping up their public sensitivity campaign with the first in a series of road shows set for Vieux Fort on Sunday, August 20.

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