Robert ‘Marky’ Sutherland Coming with Inspirational Vibes

Robert ‘Marky’ Sutherland Coming with Inspirational Vibes
Robert ‘Marky’ Sutherland

[KINGSTON, Jamaica] – Out of a casual conversation with a friend comes an inspiring song that encourages persons to keep fighting instead of throwing in the towel.

Singer, songwriter, and guitarist Robert Sutherland more affectionately called ‘Marky’ by his friends, who was living in London at the time had a conversation with a friend about the trying times they were both going through.

His friend, who operated a shop was thinking of closing it down with Sutherland uttering ‘you crazy? Never Give Up!”

A lightbulb went off in his head and he could literally see the song forming in his head – fast track to 2021 and the song is a reality.

Commenting on its relevance, Sutherland said it the song is even more impactful now, considering the state that the world is in.

Song Relevance

“The COVID-19 pandemic has a lot of people in a tailspin, it seems as if the world is stuck somewhere on its axis and if ever there is a time when people need an encouraging word to keep them mentally strong it is now,” shared Sutherland.

Commenting on the song he said he it is his hope that listeners will walk away with the assurance that no matter how bad the circumstances they should ‘Never Give Up’ as light is at the end of the tunnel.

2019 Release

Recorded on the Nijeri Records label, and produced by Roger Grant and Patrick Dunn, Never Give was released in the spring of 2019.

However, Sutherland saw the need to push it to the fore once more as a balm for many who need a timely word for the season.

Sutherland has also been receiving international buzz for the work he has done with DJ Prodigio, out of Brazil for the EDM Work That Body written by himself and DJ Prodigio and “Who Let The Girls Out” (cover of “Who Let The Dogs Out”) – two songs keeping him at the forefront musically.

That Marky is making the musical connection where his songs are concerned should not be surprising as he before migrating to the United States, he was guitarist with the renowned Ruption Band where he backed top brass entertainers such as Dillinger, Ken Boothe, JC Lodge, Leroy Sibbles, Damian Marley and so many others.

New Music

Following the breakup of the band Marky penned the song Times So Hard which caught the attention of DJs in Europe and Australia. It led to his debut album “Courage” on his own Nijeri label.

After a trip to England that didn’t quite go as planned, Robert returned to the states and delved into writing and production. An original, “Sleeping With The Enemy,” was performed by Wayne Armond.

Looking ahead, Marky said music lovers can expect fun music and more inspirational lyrical contents such as the one he is pushing now Another Youth Rise..and his upcoming Zion Song – one he says he hopes will connect big time with listeners.



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