Richest Football Clubs in the World

Richest Football Clubs in the World

It comes as no surprise that football is probably the most widely watched game in the entire world. No one else even comes close by. Football stars are the biggest pop culture sensations. Clubs rule the hearts of many- from eight to eighty. Europe might be the hub of professional football, Latin America its soul but American soccer which is slightly different also has tremendous viewership with their NFL or National Football League being one of the costliest leagues in the world. So, the football industry garners a lot of revenue. Star players like Messi or Ronaldo might themselves be an entire employment sector. The net worth and revenue collection of the clubs also depend likewise. You must know a few of the most valuable football clubs in the world if you are interested in sports betting. Today Football Predictions can depend a lot on how the team is built from the core that has a lot to do with the club’s money.

Real Madrid

With a yearly revenue of 896 million dollars, Real Madrid has earned over $80 million more than any other club. It has one of the most huge global fanbases for being the Euro champions for 13 times. It has been hugely benefited from the shares of the La Liga revenue. Generally, they are the ones who are always at the top of the list except in 2018 when both Manchester United and Barcelona FC kicked them to the third position. Generally, you find the biggest names associated with this club and it is hardly ever that they cannot have a player they really want.

Barcelona FC

Barcelona’s greatest and longest gift Lionel Messi transferred to PSG this season due to the La Liga regulations, thereby leaving the club in an utter state of turmoil. Yet, they collected an yearly revenue of 815 million dollars. A thrashing from the Champions League and missing out on the La Liga title has messed up with their best man. However, the Catalan giants do not lose much hope when it comes to revenue collection. In recent years, a key defect of Barca has been huge wages to aging players. They have an imperfect squad management but they continue to be one of the best and richest football clubs in the world. 

Manchester United

Manchester United had absolutely no league title since 2013 and yet it managed to collect a yearly revenue of 795 million dollars. They have been in and out of the Champions League since then. However, they are such a huge structure that they can easily deal with disappointing times on-field. Ed Woodward manages to collect revenue in the most weird of sponsorships and brand endorsements. So, it is a classic example of clubs doing excellent business even with a frustrated fanbase. The vast revenues of Manchester United allow them to take in players like Ronaldo or Paul Pogba or Bruno Fernandes. The performances might remain inconsistent but the financial splurge sure makes fans hope for the better.


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