Replacing Exterior Doors

There are so many do-it-yourself techniques that you can try out when it comes to the installation of exterior doors. If you are a really independent person you can use the help of a single guide and the right tools. You can put the limitations of draft doors to an end by trying to replace them with new ones. It is however advisable to honor the specialization of jobs and leave this work to the professionals.

Once you have decided to replace your doors, the next thing would be to prepare the working area and figure out how to go about the process. Replacing the doors by yourself helps you save money especially if you are working on a tight budget. Learn more about the replacement of exterior doors Oakville below.

1. Taking the Measurements

The measurements are very important when it comes to replacing the exterior doors for replacement purposes. As a matter of fact, if you get the measurements wrong the installation may be impossible since too big doors cannot fit, and neither can the small doors in comparison to the existing opening.

It is important to take time when taking measurements to avoid having to deal with the consequences such as wasting time, money, and energy in the future if you get the measurements wrong.

Get the right tools and carefully take the required measurements which are the jamb width, the rough opening, and the exterior opening of the door. Ensure to record any measurement you take for the purpose of future reference. Use all the measurements as it is recommended to come up with satisfying results.

2. Removal of the Older Existing Door

Of course, if you are having the door replaced the older one will have to go. Removing the old door is very easy and literally, anyone can do it.

You will need to use a nail set and a hammer to loosen the hinge pins that hold the door. Once you have loosed the hinge pins you can easily lift the doors from their position. Remove the old door completely from the way to make the process way easier with minimal distractions.

3. Loosen the Old Trim

While loosening the old trim to leave room for installing the new exterior doors Oakville, you should remember to protect the walls using a putty knife. If you are planning to reuse the frame later in the future find a way that you can remove it with minimal damage.

4. Removing the Jambs

For this step, you don’t have to be very keen on delicacy. You can cut through the side jaws entirely using a handsaw. This may take a few minutes but it does not mean it needs a lot of effort. Once you manage to remove the jambs have them completely pulled out of the door opening.

5. The Close-Up of the Jambs

This is the easy way if you plan to use the inner molding again at some point. To make the work easier, you can cut through on the sides of the jamb to easily tear the frame.

6. Seal Installation

You need to start working on getting back the exterior doors working. The first step is to put back the sill in place. You can get the seal area to the required height for more convenience.

Proceed to test the opening of the door for a test fit. Work on the jamb until it is plumb and confirm if the casing fits on the siding.

7. Installation of the Flashing Tape

The flashing tape is specifically used to protect the seal from water and moisture. If your doors are in good condition or new you can always use the seal flashing rather than the tape.

8. Application of Caulk

For this step, you should confirm that the building paper remains intact close to the edges of the frame. If you are certain that the new exterior doors Oakville will fit as expected, you can process caulk from all edges including the seal area.

9. Replace the Hinge Screw and Get the Door in Position

The hinges are what hold the door in an upright position. Once you are done with the rest of the procedure. Screw the hinges on the frame strategically or as per the manufacturer’s guide on where the door will be held in position.



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