Remedies for Dog Mange That Can Be Found in Your Kitchen

Remedies for Dog Mange That Can Be Found in Your Kitchen

If you can’t find satisfaction in the company of other human beings, you can always branch out. For some, they turn to the fluffier and more adorable version of a companion – dogs. The number of individuals who’d rather spend time with dogs rather than people is growing as the years fly by. There even has a study on why some folks choose these domestic animals rather than their kind (read more).

Well, who could blame them? Dogs carry less drama, they’re loyal, and they don’t talk behind your back. Well, not in a way you’d understand at least. Because of the fetching qualities these pooches have, they became an instant star in the realm of pets. With the rate of adoptions going off the charts, they became the dominant species among domestic animals. This might make you head out to your local pet shop and adopt a dog, but it’s a big responsibility.

Pet parents consider their canines as their babies, hence the endearment fur babies. Well, adopting a pooch is pretty much raising an actual babe. First of all, it can be a lot of work, from feeding, bathing, and giving them a lot of attention. Second, it can get quite expensive to be honest, considering some breeds are high maintenance than others. And lastly, they’re vulnerable to develop anything; it gets tougher when they acquire diseases such as mange.

What Is Mange?

Before getting into the itty bitty details, let’s first be acquainted with what this condition is. As they say, you need to know your enemy if you want to win the war. Mange is a skin disease that inflicts our pooches. This is caused by microscopic mites that decided to populate on the surface of your canine’s skin. The life cycle of this prolific parasite is the same as that of a flea.

The mites would lay their eggs on the epidermis layer, which would then hatch into larvae. Lastly, develop into adult mange which is the source of our pooches suffering. Bald patches and itchiness can be an indication that this parasite is present on your fur baby. However, when you first witness these symptoms, it may also not imply this particular disease. After all, multiple possible health conditions could result in your canine losing hair.

When one lacks knowledge about something, one is prone to panic. And we all know, a person who’s in the state of panic can’t make reasonable decisions. Before abruptly diagnosing your dog of this disease, be sure you’re familiar with the different types.

Yes, there is more than one kind. According to, each of these comes with different symptoms, complications, and treatment. Be sure to check other similar sources as well for more info.

Home Remedies For Dog Mange

When you suspect that there is mange manifestation, the ideal approach would be to get in contact with your vet. You should address parasitic problems like this immediately. If prolonged, it could pave the way for other issues to arise, such as bacterial and fungal infections. Consulting your vet could also prevent you from misdiagnosing. Taking into account that symptoms of this disease can also be indications of other skin ailments.

If your hunch was right with about the disease, your vet could then prescribe you treatments and medications. This could help you terminate the issue more effectively rather than handling it on your own. But on occasions where veterinary help is inaccessible, there is always the option of using over the counter products.

You can opt for flea treatments, mange shampoo, and OTC medication to alleviate your canine’s torment. If you don’t find the idea of administering chemicals that aren’t prescribed by your vet acceptable, you can try another alternative.

As pet owners, we make it a point to ensure the health of our adorable fluff. This is why as much as possible, we refrain from giving them chemical infused products that can potentially harm them. Natural remedies have always been favored in treating ailments by people. Now it has slowly made its way to canines. Below are a few at-home treatments for dog mange that can be found just within your kitchen:

  1. Honey

This food substance possesses antibacterial and antifungal properties that can counteract infections. It’s not much of a surprise since the benefits of honey are overflowing. Not to mention that its viscous consistency can asphyxiate mites that are present in the area where it’s applied.

  1. Lemon

Since lemon is a member of the citrus group, it contains antiseptic qualities that can combat bacteria and fungi. One liter of water and one lemon fruit ought to be the standard ratio. Although infusing garlic into the mixture is believe in increasing its effectiveness. The acidic nature of the blend helps in killing mites.

  1. Yogurt

Unsweetened or plain unflavored yogurt has also been found to be effectual in terms of treating mange. This home remedy has been receiving quite the hype since it’s safer for canines. Yogurt is infused with probiotics (Lactobacillus acidophilus) that can ease your pooch’s skin irritation. Its tacky consistency also proves useful in smothering those pesky mites.


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