Reggae In The Desert a Boost to Ras Kronik’s Music Career

by Howard Campbell

KINGSTON, Jamaica – At the June 9 Reggae In The Desert show in Las Vegas, singer Ras Kronik shared the stage with some of the biggest names in reggae: Collie Buddz, Mr. Vegas, Kabaka Pyramid, Third World and The Mighty Diamonds.

A veteran of the city’s reggae scene, he was far from overwhelmed by the all-star cast.

“A festival like Reggae In The Desert can do a lot for I man, in the sense that the festival has been well promoted and I am a part of such. I had also been approached by many people who are excited to come see I on that day, and see I perform some of my new songs,” he said.

Ras Kronik performing at Reggae In The Desert in Las Vegas
Ras Kronik performing at Reggae In The Desert in Las Vegas

Some of those new songs include Get High and Stick Around which were released this year. Get High is a House track produced by Steve Migliore, known in music circles as Mr. Mig, whose credits include songs by Beyonce and Taylor Swift.

“I think for my career it’s a good move for Mr Mig taking a vocal as mine and collaborate with a House/Dance beat that’s really amazing. He puts me in the mix with the clubbers and Millennials,” said Ras Kronik.

Stick Around, a lovers rock number, is much closer to home for Ras Kronik, who is from Clarendon in central Jamaica. He co-produced it with the Bonafide Band, another Jamaican reggae act based in Las Vegas.

For his latest song, the electronica-based Rise My Emotion, he teamed with Swedish producer David Sivano.

After pounding the roots-reggae pavement for over 20 years, Ras Kronik said it was time to experiment with different sounds. He likes the current path of his career.

“Yes, I would definitely say that this is an exciting time of my career. It’s been through many stages, but this time is where it really at,” he said.

Ras Kronik was born Everton Edwards and released his first song, Gold In My Treasure, in 1998. He has toured the US West Coast and lived in Las Vegas since 2011.

To date, he has recorded two albums: The Real Thing Remix and Wild N Free.

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