Reggae Artist Omari Banks Unleashes “Reggaelution” in India

Mumbai, India – Omari Banks, the former international cricketer and now a world-renowned reggae artist made his musical debut in India with an enthralling performance in a star-studded event at 1 Lounge, Pune.

On a mission to spread the message of love and peace through his reggae music; Omari played some soulful tracks including a few peppy numbers, which mesmerized the audience.

Chris Gayle & Dwayne Bravo (Omari Bank’s former cricket teammates) made a special appearance at the event, which added to the euphoria of the crowd. Apart from ‘shaking a leg’, the two cricketing legends also officially launched Omari Bank’s “Reggae Summertime” video worldwide. Taken from his recent album “Sunlight, Reggae Summertime is an energizing song which not only encapsulates Anguilla, the small Caribbean island where Omari hails from but also passes a broader message of love and peace like most of Omari’s songs.

Speaking on the occasion, Omari Banks said “ I thank the lovely people of Pune for their love, respect and support which has made my first ever musical appearance in India truly successful and memorable. And how can I forget my friends, ‘the champions’ – Chris and Dwayne for their support and encouragement not today, but all these years”.

Reggae Artist Omari Banks Unleashes "Reggaelution" in India
Omari Banks Unleashes ‘Reggaelution ’ with Maiden Musical Appearance in India

India with it’s astounding diversity of religion, language and culture provides the perfect environment for my reggae music which apart from the fun element aspires to bond and connect people. In many ways besides my family; cricket and music are undeniably part of who I am, so It’s an honor to take part in the cricket activities, and to play my music. I have fond memories of India, th people have always showed so much love. In many ways this is like a homecoming, great to see old friends and peers. And for those who know me then, they know I constantly traveled with my guitar; so in a way I have completed the full circle today with my performance and world wide premiere of Reggae Summertime video” added Omari Banks.

Omari Banks’ music has won rave reviews the world over. The New York Times describes him as a “cross between Bob Marley and Bob Dylan” because of his high energy and profound lyrics. “He’s got a voice as calming as chamomile and charisma that bubbles like a champagne toast. He’s not just a dynamic performer, he writes and composes most of his own songs”; writes the Vibe Magazine.

Omari inherited his superior musical genes from his father Bankie Banx, a singer, known as the “Anguillan “. Omari Banks found his musical calling at a young age when he first took the stage in Milan, Italy to sing alongside his father Bankie Banx. “The younger Banks (Omari) is well poised to carry on his father’s legacy and take Anguillan reggae to newer heights”; elucidates Forbes magazine.

In 2003, Omari Banks became the first Anguillan to play test cricket for the West Indies. He went to travel the world for twelve years as a professional athlete, but despite his success in sports, Omari never lost his passion for music. In 2010, Omari made the decision to move on and pursue his passion for music. With a lifetime of experiences and life lessons, he immersed himself in songwriting and perfecting his musicianship. The rest as they say is history!

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