Protect Your WordPress Site from Cyberthreats: Best Tools in 2021

WordPress sites are vulnerable to cyber invasions, including the most aggressive brute force attacks. Some platforms face hundreds or thousands of threats per week. Without strong protection against hacking and malware, your reputation, ranking, and profits will plunge. A firewall is indispensable.

If criminals hijack your admin account, they will cause massive damage. Sensitive data will be stolen, users will be redirected to dangerous sites, viruses and spam will be ubiquitous, and your company will lose trust. A WordPress firewall plugin by CleanTalk provides superior defense on all fronts. Here are the basics of malware attacks and their prevention.

Protect Your WordPress Site from Cyberthreats: Best Tools in 2021
Brute Force

To seize your account, hackers may use an exhaustive password search. This constitutes a brute force attack. Any website may become a target, be it a forum, social network, or retailer.

Third-party activities may damage your brand in many ways. First, the intruders may exploit your site as part of their dishonest SEO strategy. In this case, you will see a flood of comments with specific keywords and backlinks to the spammers’ resources. This is done to boost their position in search at the expense of your reputation.

Malware will also send users to dangerous websites laced with malicious content. Cybercriminals spread deceptive comments and viruses putting your users’ data in danger. If the violators harvest user addresses, they can use them for spam, phishing, and different types of fraud. Finally, Google may view your site as suspicious, and it will lose visibility completely. Users who will try to open it will see a warning.

All-in-one Protection

To prevent a wide spectrum of threats, security systems keep track of login attempts and user activity 24/7. The website owner receives detailed daily reports. For example, here is what a security package from CleanTalk will deliver.

  • The firewall will block access by HTTP/HTTPS for specific IPs and their networks, e-mails, and users from particular countries.
  • The date, time, IP address, country, browser, and operating system of every visitor will be detected and logged.
  • The system will check your security log every hour and temporarily block any IPs from which 10 or more login attempts came.
  • The daily security report email will tell you how many password entries failed, and what IPs were detected.
  • The details of all login attempts will be reflected in the security log. This includes the IPs, countries, date, time, username, and result.
Protect Your WordPress Site from Cyberthreats: Best Tools in 2021
Superior Defense

As the website owner, you will see all actions on the admin side. The dashboard shows any changes and the users that made them. You can see who logged in, when, and how much time they spend on each page of your website. The firewall will keep track of fishy requests and check their HTTP parameters.

Advanced protection is a must. A free malware scanner will spot malicious code, hidden links, and iFrame content. However, package solutions are more powerful. They protect your website 24/7, giving you peace of mind.



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