Progress Puerto Rico Expands “Digital Voter Registration” Campaign in Florida

SOUTH FLORIDA – Progress Puerto Rico PAC has expanded and enhanced its Digital Voter Registration Campaign in Florida!

Progress Puerto Rico has launched a revamped DVR campaign following the launch of its pilot in July including advanced Voter VerificationVote By Mail and Election Reminder Tools.

Progress Puerto Rico Expands “Digital Voter Registration” Campaign in FloridaCo-founder Isabel Villalón commented:

“As the founders we personally have registered thousands of voters over the last decade on the ground and in the trenches; we understand and respect the process. The prospect of empowering our fellow Americans to register online is just too exciting and we feel a critical tool underutilized in swing states like Florida. We pulled the trigger by investing in updating a more streamlined process that allows us to connect potential registrants directly with their state(s) online via

You’ve been able to catch a ride with just a few clicks and signing up from a smartphone for a while — it only makes sense that we likewise empower our community by connecting them with technology available to vote. Online registration in Florida is a relatively new thing; but we believe there is a strong demand. If we’re able help a dozen people it’s a good investment — we’ve reached thousands and we’ll reach thousands more before the registration deadlines!”

Progress Puerto Rico PAC is a federal non-partisan committee and volunteer led movement nationwide dedicated to politically amplifying the voice of puertorriqueños both on and off the island. As a decade old project of passion the goal of Progress Puerto Rico is to fill the vital need for electoral advocacy in order to protect and advance the interests of the island and people of Puerto Rico.

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