Carl Prezident’s “Excess Amount” Climbing New York’s Reggae Beat Charts


Prezident's "Excess Amount" Climbing New York's Reggae Beat Charts

Carl Prezident

by Howard Campbell

SOUTH FLORIDA – Last year when singer Carl Prezident released Excess Amount, he had big plans for it but was unable to put the necessary promotional muscle behind it to make the song a success.

Prezident and his brother Vance Powell  co-produced the single for their CSI 1924 Productions label. Early this year, they renewed promotion for the ballad on college radio and reggae clubs in Connecticut where he lives.

That extra zest paid off as Excess Amount entered the Foundation Radio Network Top 30 Music Chart which covers the New York reggae beat. It is currently number 15.

“Is a nice song, something for di ladies, yuh nuh. When we make music we try keep it simple so everyone can appreciate it,” said Carl Prezident.

The veteran vocalist has lived in Hartford since 2000. He was born in St. Elizabeth, a rural farming parish long considered Jamaica’s bread basket.

Prezident grew up in the gritty Waltham Park area of Jamaica’s capital Kingston where he was exposed to an emerging dancehall culture during the 1980s.

Most of his career in Connecticut has been with Makka, an American band with whom he has recorded and toured New England and Central Florida.

The members of Makka played on Excess Amount, as well as Ride, his 10-song album which is scheduled for release this summer.



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