Practical Reasons You Might Need To Switch Energy Providers

Sometimes, change is good. So is switching your energy providers. There Are various reasons why such a change is necessary for you, your family, and your budget. We have listed the most common ones. Do you want to find out some of the practical reasons you might need to switch energy providers? Good, read on!

Practical Reasons You Might Need To Switch Energy Providers

1.   Energy Switch Can Save You Money

Various suppliers launch competitive energy prices to stay in the market. You can take advantage and save money on your bills when oil prices fall as many energy providers lower their tariffs. This is the best time to choose the lowest tariff before suppliers hike their prices again.

2.   Getting Rid Of A Standard Tariff

Being on a default tariff is another reason you need to switch your energy provider. The standard tariff automatically rolls you to the next energy deal when the current one finishes. This makes the tariff more costly compared to others in the long run.

Standard tariffs are accompanied by price caps. The cap restrains suppliers from changing the prices, although it gets updated at least twice a year. But the noble thing about the standard tariff is that you can beat the price cap by shifting to other suppliers.

3.   Moving From Big-name Suppliers To Small Ones

Have you ever thought of switching from big suppliers to small ones? Well, your big-name energy provider might be reassuring you of a famous brand, enormous customer service with high prices, and sub-standard services.

If this is the case, then it’s time to shift. There are hundreds of small energy providers available in the market today. They sell affordable electricity or gas parcels with extra personal and quality customer service.

4.   Quality Customer Service

Good customer services are essential in any business setup. This is because the first people you contact from your supplier are the customer service agents. Because of this, some businesses invest hugely so that they can attract customers, but they fail to keep them.

This makes customer maintenance a big problem in the energy industry. Yet, with the booming of more energy providers and competition, suppliers cannot afford to ignore the power of retaining customers. We know that it’s cheaper to keep a customer than to attract new ones. So, if you are dealing with an energy supplier with poor customer services, it’s time to shift to the one with better services. That is:

  • They respond to your queries on time
  • They boast professional customer services with highly trained agents
  • You can reach them through via live chat, phone, or email in the shortest time possible
  • Hospitable staff
  • Efficient reporting and billing
  • Extra helpful
5.   Contributing To The Environment

Environmentalism is the new norm. Everybody wants to get associated with suppliers that offer services and tariffs that contribute positively to the environment. For example, when you shift from a supplier that doesn’t provide green tariffs to one that does, you buy energy sourced from renewable solar power or wind.

Practical Reasons You Might Need To Switch Energy Providers - Solar Panels

But before switching to a supplier claiming to offer renewable energy, confirm the percentage of natural energy they offer. Some offer very little of it, with a higher rate coming from non-renewable sources like coal.

You can get the exact percentage of renewable energy by checking the critical information part on your receipt. You can also confirm with the supplier’s online account, which provides a breakdown of the energy sources they supply. If this doesn’t give you the information you need, you can call the supplier and enquire directly.

6.   Your Fixed Tariff Is Coming To An End

If you get signed under a fixed tariff, and it’s about to end, then you can consider shifting to a new supplier. Although fixed prices mean you don’t have to deal with changing prices now and then, you could end up spending more in the long run.

So, once your tariff ends, you can shift to a new tariff under a different supplier without paying exit fees. To avoid penalties, it is wise to keep enquiring from your fixed supplier when your tariff will end. Note that Ofgem, rules allow you to shift from one tariff to another within 49 days after your current tariff expires.

7.   Less Shifting Hassle

With technology advancement and widespread internet use, it is easy to shift from one tariff to another today. It only takes you a few minutes to switch your suppliers online. You can do this on your phone, laptop, or tab. You also get information on how to shift from your supplier’s website, which you can do independently.

Switching your energy supplier has various benefits. You get to get cheaper rates, better tariffs, and better services. Sometimes, your new supplier might even offer you bundled up services such as gas and electricity services in a single package.



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