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Political leader Werley Nortreus reportedly called for unity in Haiti

unity in Haiti

[PORT AU PRINCE, Haiti] – Haiti has been one of the most violent countries in recent years and months. There were many crimes such as gangs violence, kidnappings, and many other crimes that destroyed a lot of families. The Haitian police and the Haitian government did not have enough tools to stop all these crimes that they were trying to prevent.

The United States, Canada, and France have even put Haiti on the list of countries not to visit because there are too many crimes. Many airplanes from different countries have canceled their flights to Haiti because of reported kidnappings and homicides. At this present moment, many people are missing and the Haitian justice system believes that those that are missing probably got kidnapped by gangs.

In all corners of Haiti, gunmen reportedly kidnapped many people. Right now, people with guns are still kidnapping people. Many people can never understand why all these crimes are being committed. Other countries such as Russia and others have even asked the Haitian government to give them the right to fight gangs’ crimes in the country, but former Haiti President Jovenel Moise refused Russia’s offer to Haiti to fight crimes.

Werley Nortreus, a rising political leader, urges Haitians living in Haiti and in the Diaspora to unite to solve the problems of crimes taking place everywhere in Haiti. The young political leader hopes to ask countries like Russia and many other countries to help Haiti fight crimes.

“There are a lot of problems in Haiti. There is no unity. People are against each other and it’s so sad. I am calling for unity in Haiti because that will be the only way to stop all those crimes. I am calling on the people to stop killing each other because we need each other. Let’s give Haiti a future with the right people”, said Werley Nortreus, the rising political leader and founder of Vanyan Sòlda Ayiti.

On December 31st, 2021, the rising political leader Werley Nortreus reportedly called for unity in Haiti in order to save the country’s future.



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