Poetry with Joan Andrea Hutchinson: TAX DEH PON SALT

By: Joan Andrea Hutchinson

Sometime mi did want to be a people
A animal or a bug
But today mi glad bag bus an mi happy
Because mi is a slug

Mi say Bap Bap Bap an Booyaka
Mi shout Yippy-di-deee
Oonoo nearly gi wi high blood pressure
But now wi life salt free

Free like a bird in a tree becaw Man A Yard
Say salt fi hug up tax
Free fi nyam dung oonoo gyaaden a night time
An live life to di max

Oonoo tink say wi slug is just a nuisance
Claim say a just one ting wi want
Fi entime oonoo gyaaden start fi prosper
Wi come nyam dung plant

Oonoo come wid oonoo backle a salt a night time
A come throw salt pon slug
Wicked oonoo wicked an evilous man
A set a cold, hard hearted thug

And di cheap salt weh oonoo buy, bun hot yuh know
Woii … di discomfort an di pain
Cheap oonoo too cheap fi evenbuy slug pellets
Dat woulda be more humane

Front a public oonoo defend di poor an disadvantaged
Down to di criminal oonoo hug
Read Bible an pray loud, den come a oonoo yard
An a dash salt pon slug

All some a oonoo so call deestant an tapanaris
Wid oonoo high moral ways
Oonoo miss one lickle leaf, and di badwud oonoo cuss
Slug haffie cork slug aise

Mi think say some a di ooman dem a bun wi
Caw dem know dem body done
An a company dem a look becaw dem husband
Out a street a gi dem bun

So Man a Yard, mi nah gi nutten right or wrong
Mi nah say nutten a nobady fault
But mi kin stap bun mi an mi can live in peace
Becaw tax deh pon salt.

Joan Andrea Hutchinson

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