Poetry from the Rose of Sharon, a powerful inspirational book for living well

Negril, Jamaica – The long awaited fist edition of Poetry from the Rose of Sharon: Divine Thoughts and Inspirations for Living Well authored by Sharon Parris-Chambers, is now available on Amazon.com.

As the year comes to a rapid close, it brings us to a time of reflection and planning ahead. It is time to take an introspective look at ourselves, this is similar to what poets and seekers of truth do throughout their lives. Poetry from the Rose of Sharon offers five sections of divine thoughts and inspirations for wellness, which begins with: Self-discovery and Awareness, Stream of Consciousness, Inspirational Poems and Wellness Quotations, Inspired Thoughts for Wellbeing and Prayers and Affirmations.

Section I begins with introspective poems such as “Who am I,” “Eye am all that,” “I am not my name, I AM” which teaches awareness of the Self as a divine spark from the Creator and self-reference, looking within as the way to find spiritual truth. The author encourages the reader to move to greater spiritual development through reading and reflecting on inspirational quotations.

Sharon Parris-Chambers

In the chapter devoted to Inspirational Poems and Wellness Quotations, the author begins the chapter with a poem entitled “Greatness Within You”. It reads thus: “Within you is the essence of life and greatness. Within your cells, is a hologram, a microcosm of the universe. Your genome holds the secret and history of life.

Nelson Mandela in his presidential inaugural speech recognized our greatness…” The poem goes on to connect the reader to great people of history, calling forth the “secret person of the heart” to assume his/her role in life. “Insource Before you Outsource,” implores the reader to go within, to take an inventory of the Self before taking action.

The “Inspired Thoughts for Wellbeing”(Chapter IV) begins a series of quotations with commentary that moves the reader from passivity to conscious awareness and empowerment. The chapter opens with the quote “When you see with the heart, you relieve the eyes of the lie of illusion and see with true clarity,” and is followed by several other quotes, for example “When we are like water, nothing stops our Flow” – The commentary reads: “Find a way over, under or around the obstacle. We are energy and vibration at our core. Find a way around any obstacle through the vibration of love. Stay in love and you will remain fluid, in alignment with the Universe. Ideas that you are seeking and solutions to problems offer themselves freely. Let love lead the way.”

The chapter continues with twelve “Wellness Is” meditational themes such as“Wellness is a holistic way of life that integrates, mind, body and spirit,”and ends with “Wellness is breathing, feeling and loving consciously.” These themes are suited for meditation and help focus the mind on thoughts of spiritual wellness.

Prayers and Affirmations (Chapter V) allows the reader to create his/her own prayers and affirmations from the examples given and with practice develop the consciousness to be transformed in mind, body and spirit.

The foreward was written by Dr Diane Robertson, Wellness Consultant and Ethno-botanical Lecturer. Desmond Green, author and founder, Reverence for Life Foundation, said about the book: “This is not a regular run of the mill book ‘Poetry from The Rose of Sharon – Divine Thoughts and Inspirations for Living Well’ is a nutritious package of vitamins for every mind, body and soul.

Books of poetry and inspiration make great reading and gifts any time of the year. Poetry from the Rose of Sharon can help increase your passion for life. When you live from your passions, you achieve remarkable success in your life.

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