Planning a Trip to the USA? Here’s What Your Itinerary Should Include

Planning a Trip to the USA? Here's What Your Itinerary Should Include

Think of a nation in the world where you can experience diversity at every step made forward, and you will have the USA on the top of the list. From the national parks spreading greenery over the chest of this country to man-made wonders and bustling cities, the United States of America has it all. You can imagine the geographical span of this nation by the fact many of its states lie in different time zones.

If you are planning a trip to the USA, it is a must to create an itinerary. You may be thinking: “Which places should I visit, where to stay, what activities to do, how many days should I plan the trip for?” Finding the right answers to these questions may be overwhelming but necessary. Alongside this, you need to create a list of essentials to be packed, including your passport, money, and travel insurance USA .

Here’s what you should include in your USA travel itinerary:

  1. Begin with Exploring New York

New York City is not only the financial capital of the US but also one of the most visited cities in the world. After you get over the tiredness of the flight, start with:

  • Central Park, well-known around the globe, where you can walk with your trip mates or solo and enjoy the beautiful views
  • Empire State building – one of the most iconic places in New York City and 28th tallest building in the world with 102 floors
  • Brooklyn Bridge – the world’s first steel-wire suspension bridge and an emblematic spot in the city to click great pictures
  • Statue of Liberty – an iconic symbol for the world located in New York harbor visited by millions of people every year; the best part is that you can even get a chance to go up to its crown.

In case your baggage gets delayed, make sure you get the benefits of USA travel insurance.

  1. Step into the Vibes of Las Vegas

You might have the first impression of this beautiful city owing to its casinos. Other than diving into the spirit of gambling there, you should:

  • Get a picture clicked near Las Vegas sign that welcomes you into the city
  • Visit the Venetian resort to enjoy gondola rides to explore the Great Canal Shoppes, cafes, and much else
  • Stop at Bellagio fountains – the most visited attractions in the city, being an impressive combination of water, lights, and music
  • Walk across Fremont Street to visit some of the oldest casinos in Las Vegas and Neon Sign Museum

Amidst the rush of the city, keeping your passport safe is crucial. If you lose it somehow, contact the USA travel insurance company immediately for help.

  1. Enjoy Your Visit to Los Angeles

Popularly known as LA, this Californian city is highly populous and has many exciting places to visit, including:

  • Universal Studios theme park to take a tour around different American movie sets; More interestingly, the Duff beer or Butterbeer from the Harry Potter is also available there.
  • Hollywood walk of fame which attracts millions of visitors each year and has star-shaped signs of more than 2600 Hollywood stars
  • Beverly Hills – a district with large mansions of Hollywood stars along with many trendy shops and bars

Be Safe When You are in the USA

A USA trip offers an opportunity to make memories for the rest of your life. Along with the travel itinerary, it is crucial to buy USA travel insurance from a renowned insurer like Tata AIG. Their policies will cover the cost of medical expenses, baggage delay or loss, trip cancellation, to name a few. Keep in mind that only the best travel insurance can help you avoid financial hassles that may arise in case of emergencies during the trip.

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