People Profile President Vying For a Seat on the Global Jamaica Diaspora Council

People Profile President, Dr Allan Cunningham Vying For a Seat on the Global Jamaica Diaspora Council

Dr. Allan Cunningham

SOUTH FLORIDA – Popular community leader and president of the People Profile Organization Dr. Allan Cunningham Is seeking to become the Global Jamaica Diaspora Council representative for the Southern United States.

Chanting a slogan of “let me be your voice in the Jamaican Diaspora”, Dr. Cunningham is Strongly suited for the position.

Having served on numerous community boards and committees, He has the experience and expertise to be that agent of change that the organization needs.

The New structured Global Jamaica Diaspora Council needs a man with a vision, grassroots community Involvement and a passion to serve the people. Dr. Cunningham has a Doctorate in International Management with studies in Comparative Governments and International Trade.

He has the qualities to be an effective and resourceful leader. Selling kisko pops, peanuts, cheese trix, and Suck suck from an early age of six years old gave him the understanding of the value of hard work and the importance of building relationship.

Dr. Allan Cunningham has recently proven his leadership skills by founding and leading his People Profile Organization from a viewership of 300 to 300,000 in just 4 short years.

Presenting and honoring stalwarts like Les Brown (motivational speaker), Miami Heat’s Dwayne Wade, Congressman Alcee Hastings, and legendary singer/songwriter Melba Moore and many other community icons and unsung heroes.

On January 5th 2018, Broward County Florida proclaimed “Dr. Allan Cunningham day” in a ceremonial and high class reception.

People Profile President, Dr Allan Cunningham Vying For a Seat on the Global Jamaica Diaspora Council

Broward County Vice Mayor, Dale Holness (L) presenting proclamation to Dr. Allan Cunningham (R)

“The secret to our success in the Jamaican Diaspora is to galvanize the experiences, expertise, and Talents of those executives, entrepreneurs, and innovative leaders in the Diaspora and to pair them with those living on the Island”, said Dr. Cunningham.

Grassroots community engagement is a must, he proclaimed.

Community Based Strategies

Cunningham has outlined five community based strategies to lead the Jamaican Diaspora in the new direction that is surely a blueprint for success.

  1. Critical and effective engagement with the youth in the Jamaican Diaspora.
  2. Creation of a State Representative for each state to broaden the reach in an effective manner. 3. Creation of a “Hall Of Fame” ceremony to honor those in the Diaspora that have exemplified themselves.
  3. Using sports in the Diaspora to galvanize community awareness and understanding of the movement.
  4. Relaying all community concerns, issues, and advice to the Minister of Foreign affairs and Trade.

The express purpose of our strategy is for grassroots representation of the people in our community.

Expressing the voice of our community is crucial if we are to be successful in the new economic development and growth of the island.

The Southern United States includes 13 states: Florida, Georgia, Texas, North & South Carolina, Mississippi, Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, Alabama, Arkansas, and Tennessee.

The Jamaica Diaspora is a community of Jamaicans living abroad. It is estimated that over 2 million people lives in the Jamaican Diaspora with over 300,000 living in the southern states.

Dr. Cunningham is known for his hard work, dedication, and commitment to his community and is vying for your votes.

All Jamaicans living in these states holding green cards or Citizenship are eligible to vote but they must be registered. Registration ends November 27th 2019.

Voting begins soon after registration.

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