Online Corporate Diary JamaicaBusinessCalendar.Com launched

KINGSTON, Jamaica – As Jamaica’s corporate events landscape becomes more hectic and crowded, with everything from AGMs to seminars and conferences happening on a daily basis across the island, along comes a newly launched website that will help those in the business community to sift through the clutter, and keep up-to-date with what’s happening in Jamaica’s business and corporate circles.

The website is,, and it is the first and only online event calendar that is dedicated solely to Jamaica’s business community.

According to the site’s Founder, Aiesha Panton, its mandate is to provide fast and simple access to information about upcoming meetings, conferences, seminars, dinners, expos, mixers and other events / functions that are of a corporate nature, and happening anywhere across the island.

“Those seeking information about upcoming business events here in Jamaica should find the listings on JamaicaBusinessCalendar.Com quite extensive and easy to navigate” said Panton. And “those seeking to publicize or announce an upcoming event will not find a more targeted and effective online medium of doing so”, she added.

The www.JamaicaBusinessCalendar.Com homepage is unique in that it features an actual calendar layout, with events being sorted and highlighted by date on this calendar. It also features a detailed chronological listing of all events for the current month. Notably, the calendar also features important tax-related dates, including monthly statutory and tax payment deadlines. There are also plans afoot to include certain national fiscal-related dates on the calendar.

It is also important to note, that JamaicaBusinessCalendar.Com is being provided as a 100% free service for end users seeking information about events and happenings, as well as Organizers who may want to have basic information about their event listed. For a small fee, Organizers can enhance their basic listing in order to give it greater visibility and reach via the website.

Over time, a number of innovate features will be added in order to enhance the site’s usability as well as facilitate customization by the user, and even integration with scheduling software such as Microsoft Outlook.

Jamaica is on the cusp of the sort of Internet revolution that has already taken many developed countries by storm; undoubtedly it’s good to see that another source of useful, indigenous, Jamaican web-based content has been established online.

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