One On One with Sophia Melanie Manning

MIAMI – Sophia Melanie Manning, Founder and Executive Director of Children Are First Network, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping under-privileged children globally; her mission is to replenish the earth by consciously creating situations to actualize her potential.

Sophia is a professional paralegal with a certificate from an American Bar Association Paralegal Institution, holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, has completed semesters of Graduate school with studies in Masters of Public Administration and is currently pursuing a Master in Liberal Arts at Houston Baptist University.

Sophia Manning

Sophia writes, directs and produces ‘For Children’s Sake” television program that showcases the best in children and is an editorial writer for the International Guardian News. She is also a creative writer determined to adding value to the entertainment industry and uses every spear moment to meditate on consciousness and reality. She writes quality projects that have substance, promotes laughter, restoration, and is safe for a wide-audience.

As reflected in her writings, she envisions the entire universe benefiting from intriguing stories, conscious lyrics, and literature. She believes in living and sharing life to its fullest and that when we unite the forces love, harmony and joy, we create success and good fortune with effortless ease.

With her positive attitude, her intriguing testimony reflects the true purpose for her valley season which brought forth fruits such as Children Are First Network, Inspire You, The Joy Valley Collection, Joy-In-The-Valley, and several other projects.

Sophia has been victorious over many obstacles and challenges and has concluded that the creator of the universe is the sole source of life, restoration and healing.

By applying love, joy, peace, and forgiveness to challenging situations, pruning periods and valley-season believes “life is worth living when you know how to live”. She enjoys serving children, listening to conscious music, writing and traveling.

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