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Kingston, Jamaica – is the largest dating site in the Caribbean. Online dating in the Caribbean has increased in popularity with a number of regional sites offering users a real chance at finding their soul mate.

It is still, however, relatively new and under explored. CaribSingles has made a significant impact on this market. The dating site is 100% free, there is no charge for the use of its features, and currently commands the largest membership base when compared with other dating sites in the region; over 46 thousand registered users.

From January to February 11th, 2009, had 212,169 visits; 59,411 of those visits were new users coming to the site. The dating site is a very active one, recording over 4,479,990 page views for the stated 30 day period. The site’s users come mainly from Trinidad and Tobago, United States, Jamaica, and Barbados, as well as significant numbers from Canada and the U. K.

Members of the site are as varied as the Caribbean homes they come from; users on CaribSingles span the ages 18 through to 65; with just about an even split between men and women. Everyday, lawyers, entrepreneurs, educators, engineers, architects, chefs, students, bankers and more come to to meet and mingle with other single Caribbean natives in a fun and discreet setting.

There are many successful connections made on the site daily. Scores of users have forged thriving intimate relationships and, those still searching; have made solid friendships along the way. The site does what it sets out to do, and seeks to do more.

CaribSingles has successfully carved out a niche for itself in the Caribbean online realm and continues to pioneer the full utilization of this space. With thousands of daily active users, it’s easy to see why CaribSingles is the definitive website for Caribbean online dating.

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