Oliver Samuels returns to South Florida in ‘Ras Noah And The Hawk’

Top Jamaican comedian Oliver Samuels comes to South Florida in Patrick Brown’s latest hit play “Ras Noah and the Hawk.” The play will be staged at the North Miami Beach Performing Arts Center and Coral Springs Center for the Arts July 2-3. See calendar of events for more details,

Writer Patrick Brown takes artistic liberties with the biblical story of “Noah” and while there are similarities to the original tale, Brown’s story is told in a surreal style which uses a historical frame for contemporary exposure.

In the story Butcha, played by Oliver Samuels is awaiting the return of his son Noah (Glen “Titus” Campbell), whom he has sent off to University to become a doctor. But Butcha receives the shock of his life when Noah returns as a Rasta.

“Ras Noah and the Hawk” carries a very strong message and is loaded with unadulterated fun for the entire family. It also features Dahlia Harris, and several new faces on the Jamaican stage, including Sharee McDonald-Russell, Loeri Robinson, David Ffrench and Christopher Hutchinson.

Ras Noah and the Hawk is directed by the Caribbean’s foremost director, Trevor Nairne. The musical Director is Jon Williams, with choreography by Barbara McDaniel.

The play is a presentation of Jamaica Awareness, Inc., in association with Ridims Marketing Network and is sponsored by Air Jamaica, D&G Sodas, Squeezer Fruit Drink and Douglas Chiropractic.

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