Official Statement from the Office of Prime Minister Patrick Manning

Upon receipt of information reaching him that there was a most unfortunate incident in Port of Spain this afternoon, Prime Minister Patrick Manning immediately contacted National Security Minister Martin Joseph and Commissioner of Police Trevor Paul and issued firm instructions that every effort must be made utilizing all of the resources of law enforcement to capture the perpetrators of this dastardly act.

The Prime Minister also spoke to the Head of the Special Branch and the relevant intelligent authorities instructing them to gather the required intelligence needed and to do everything possible to ensure that citizens are able to go about their legitimate business without fear and with confidence in the Security Forces.

In view of recent events in London the Prime Minister has instructed the Minister of National Security to put out immediately a series of advisories alerting members of the public to look out for and report to the authorities the actions of suspicious persons and packages etc., to apprehend those with nefarious intentions.

The Prime Minister wishes for a speedy recovery to those injured and traumatized and assures the nation that all emergency plans are in place to cope with consequential activities and the government will do everything to ensure normalcy is returned in the shortest possible time.

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