Ode to Jamaica

by: Melanie Hamilton, 12

In honor of Jamaica’s Independence – August 2010

Jamaica is my favorite place where cool breeze plays and palm trees sway; it takes me to a better place.

I walk the streets and people yell “waa gwaan?” I respond “Nothing man… Nothing’s wrong.”
Go to the beach; dig your toes in the sand, it takes me to a better land.

In the sun I fall asleep while beautiful Jamaican birds screech and screech.

Beautiful smells fill the air,
In this country you don’t have to care. This land has a true Caribbean feel, a feeling that barely feels real.

Jerk and plantain sting my nose;
this place in my heart is my Ode.

Jamaica is like heaven on earth we need to take care of it for what it’s worth.

My family’s descendants came from this place with admirable beauty and grace.

This gorgeous land taught them well, my… this land, I have stories to tell.

I love this beautiful land so much;
my heart and this land are close in touch.

My desire is to visit every year, while I’m here there is nothing to fear.

I can’t believe I have to leave;
it’s like ditching a part of me I can’t bear to see.

While I share my Ode about this place- in this beautiful land there is no time to waste.

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