OAS will form committee of Foreign Ministers to promote the reestablishment of democracy in Honduras

WASHINGTON, DC – The Permanent Council of the Organization of American Status (OAS) today accepted a proposal by Secretary General José Miguel Insulza to form a Committee of Foreign Ministers that will travel to Honduras in the next few days to promote the reestablishment of constitutional order through the adoption of the Agreement of San Jose of Costa Rica, proposed by Costa Rica’s President, Óscar Arias.

“Now it is my duty to form the Committee. To look for the right names, talk to the ministers, look for balance, even the right balance as far as the dates are concerned because we’re talking about very busy people. We’re going to announce everything by Friday. But the agreement to proceed already exists, as well as the agreement to make the necessary contacts so that the Committee may travel in good standing to Honduras,” said the Secretary General following a private extraordinary meeting of the Permanent Council.

“This initiative does not represent a change but the continuation of what has been carried out, so I hope the Committee will be well received and that we will be able to move forward,” added the head of the hemisphere’s top political body.

Secretary General Insulza expressed hope that the de facto government of Honduras will concede the necessary guarantees so that the Committee of Foreign Ministers may travel to the Central American nation early next week.

Finally, and after emphasizing that the formation of the Committee complements the mediating efforts of the President of Costa Rica, Insulza said the OAS will continue working “all the time that is needed to achieve the reestablishement of democracy” in Honduras.

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